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Pin Drop 2.0

2.0 Released

After two years of prototyping and decades of daydreaming, we have completed our Pin Drop 2.0, a mastered version of the original prototype. A super camper trailer ready to be unveiled at many upcoming expos and events over the next year. I’m proud of how our newest model has come together. At Pin Drop, we actively seek out independently owned businesses, specifically those here in Arizona. I’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the 2.0's great features and more importantly the fantastic partners and companies, many based right here in Arizona, that have helped make this camper a superior product on the market. Aligning with our company core values, not one part or piece of hardware was purchase from Amaz*n.

Powered by the Sun

At the core of our Pin Drop Travel Trailers is the freedom to remain unplugged yet camp in complete luxury and convenience. This is accomplished in part because each Pin Drop is solar-package-complete, a standard across all three of our models. We have partnered with Renogy Solar to provide flexible solar panels that gracefully match the contour of our campers and all the accessories that allow the sun to charge the battery bank enclosed within the tongue box. Through solar alone, our customers can enjoy a brightly lit cabin, galley kitchen and exterior, plenty of charging and accessory docks, as well as phenomenal stereo sound inside and out, a two-directional fan to keep cool in the summer, and even optional upgrades such as a refrigerator, TV and DVD receiver. Household current is also available in our standard model, all powered via the sun. Renogy has proven to be a great partner, and I especially appreciate their charge controller, which has onboard diagnostics that monitor state of charge and current amp draw. If you are like me, I am in a constant state of wonder and always need to be aware of how much battery life remains. At a glance, you wouldn't know these resources are included because we have them neatly tucked away in the cabin.

Exterior Changes

A walk around the exterior of the newest Pin Drop 2.0 camper will reveal significant up-changes that elevate the integrity. Our friends and neighbors at the Cottonwood-based TAC Fabrication fabricated a tongue box matching the contour of the Pin Drop trailer design. It not only provides more storage, but protects the battery bank with fitted covers. TAC Fabrication also fabricated our trestle-span roof rack, inspired by many of the bridges that span our Arizona waterways. This roof rack can hold the ARB shade awning and solar shower upgrades, as well as any other gear your desired adventures require. With an open web design, there’s plenty of flexibility to tie down and secure any additional equipment. TAC Fabrication also manufactured the Pin Drop fender racks that hold jerrycans for additional fuel or water storage and most interior hardware for the galley kitchen.

The Ease of a Tire Change

We recognize that a flat tire on the road can be challenging. That is why we’ve added a spare tire winch that receives the same size tool you will use to raise lower the stabilizing jacks and for removing and tightening lug nuts. It’s remarkably simple to change out a tire, simply loosen the lug nuts, lift the trailer with the stabilizing jacks, remove the flat, lower the spare, mount, tighten, lift stabilizing jack and you are on your way…all with the same tool!

Brand Support

Globe, Arizona based printing company Western Reprographics installs the graphics package on our newest 2.0 model. This Arizona-based business has added to the integrity of the Pin Drop brand ensuring sharp and visually appealing products including hats, cards, and brochures.

Interior Cabin Upgrades

Inside the cabin we have made some subtle changes that make the interior more user-friendly, inviting, and comfortable. The cabinets have been redesigned to allow for more storage and to house the charge controller, remote switch for the inverter, radio and all light switches. There is a light that softly illuminates a personalized panoramic picture recessed in the cabinet that welcomes you as you open either door. A bank of switches allows you to gracefully light up the cabin (with dimmable option via the remote), brightly illuminate the interior of the storage cabinet so you can locate things hidden in the corners, and turn on the undercarriage “snake lights” independent of the door switch.

Available upgrades to the standard Vintage, Road Runner and Scout models include a TV which is neatly housed in a pull-out drawer, and can be connected to a DVD receiver. You can even go all out with an audiophile package that would include upgraded component speakers for a real surround sound experience in our micro shell.

All standard Pin Drop designs include a custom-made luxury foam mattress. We have partnered with the Arizona-based Mattress Factory for our queen size mattresses, and they have produced a quilted top queen that is extremely comfortable. Tall folks need not shy away from our camper. We boast a full 81” long interior cabin, so there is room to spare even with a true queen mattress.

Galley Kitchen Redesigned

Many features have changed in our galley kitchen, but the basic concept remains: we pack as much countertop space as possible through the use of pull-out drawers and smart cabinet design. On our newest 2.0 model, we are now using Dometic's two burner propane cooktop, which has a convenient Piezo igniter, so you don’t need to fuss with a lighter. This cooktop also has a much lower profile so it fits more snug under the counter with its pull-out drawer functionality. On the starboard side we offer another great product from Dometic, which is their chest style fridge/freezer. This highly functional fridge has 35 quarts of interior storage space and extremely low amp draw which makes its great companion for our 100% solar-powered campers.

If toting a fridge along offends your sense of traditional camping, we also offer a cooler in this starboard-side pull-out drawer. We are pleased to have partnered with another great Arizona-bred company: Canyon Coolers. These folks make the best super-insulated coolers on the market, so they are a great addition to our super-insulated campers. We have neatly tucked their 35 quart cooler under the counter. With fresh ice this cooler should keep your food and bevies cold for a week.

As with the our earliest model, the starboard side pull-out drawer can simply be used for dry storage. The beauty of our Pin Drop is that at any point, these drawers can be changed out to suit your camping preference. Everything is pre-wired and designed to receive either of the three optional pull-out drawers. All of the drawers glide smoothly and lock safely in place on Hettich drawer slides. Hettich is an American manufacturer of hardware. We have found a slide that performs beautifully and intuitively in our campers. A handle, adorned with Arizona juniper, lifts with the touch of a finger to release the drawer, which pulls out smoothly and locks in the open position. This locking feature helps if the camper is not leveled or if young ones push the drawer, prevents closure which could accidentally scrape off the countertop contents. Simply lift the latch again and the drawer is released to slide and lock in the closed position. These drawer slides are heavy duty, and can handle the rigors of the rough country. Simple, intuitive, elegant.

We’ve added additional storage with the use of some bypass doors on the back wall of the galley. Two switches control overhead lighting and under cabinet lighting. This creates an extremely well-lit cooking and preparation surface, boasting far more countertop space than you’d find in campers much larger. We have a deep, stainless steel sink and have squeaked in an additional 4 gallons of capacity, so that our newest model can now carry 12 gallons of freshwater. A deep pull out drawer below the sink cabin is a great place to stow away plates and cutlery, fry pans and towels. As always, there are plenty of charging docks and even household current options in the kitchen, so you can charge your phone or grind coffee. In case the grizzly is approaching quicker than you’d like, simply close the hatch and all lights are automatically turned off.

Pin Drop Vibrations

I love being surrounded by nature, but I also enjoy being surrounded by high quality stereo sound. Philosopher Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” I kind of felt the same way when I set out to build the first Pin Drop prototype. I’ve certainly expanded the options with help from my friends at Crutchfield. They’ve identified a quality receiver that is capable of receiving a signal from most anything and delivering high end sound through component speakers inside and out. Washing dishes has never been more fun now that sound encompasses you, including tweeters mounted in the hatch lid. Relaxing in the cabin at the end of the day is made easier with your favorite tunes bouncing off super-insulated baltic birch interior walls, and a movie becomes a theatrical event enhanced by stereo. All of this can be accomplished via Bluetooth from your phone.

2.0 in 2020

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We invite you to sample a Pin Drop Travel Trailer before you commit to a purchase. We now have units available to rent on a short term basis to test the product, try out the various upgrades and features, and to help you make decisions on the best Pin Drop Design for your next big adventure.


More About Pin Drop

Find out more on Pin Drop Features, Upgrades, Options and Pricing on our website, call us directly (928-300-8148), and be sure to sign up for our infrequent but lively news here.

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