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Recreate Responsibly - #DoYourPart

As advocates of responsible recreation, the current health concerns bring to mind some additional best practices that we should all be employing to stay well and to protect public health.

Communities have started to open up, and people feel more compelled to enjoy fresh air and the outdoors. It's important to prepare for sharing common spaces. There are some essential actions to keep safe and well. The reality is #RepsonsibleRecreation requires participation by everyone.

Az Office of Tourism Top 10 List

Aligning well with one of Pin Drop's core values of #LeaveNoTrace, the Pin Drop Team is elated to see the Arizona Office of Tourism's new Responsible Recreation campaign and their Top 10 List of safe and responsible recreation. #DoYourPart

Pin Drop Travel Trailers Offer a Solution for Responsible Recreation

Because of the current health crisis, we anticipate ongoing changes and additional anxiety about camping and travel. Fortunately, Pin Drop Travel Trailers offer a way to access the most remote destinations, away from crowds, and surrounded by the natural and rugged surroundings we are all seeking right now. With a 175-watt solar array mounted to the roof, a 100 amp/hour AGM battery bank with charge controller, a 1000-watt inverter, with remote switch in cabin, a Trestle-span Roof Rack for hauling gear, a 12-gallon fresh water tank, and additional 7-gallon solar shower, we have created a way for safe and responsible recreation for you. Be sure to check out the many other amenities offered in one of three Pin Drop models. Built to last and fully self contained, the Pin Drop is an unmatched tear drop style camper trailer.

Do This

#WearAMask #StayHomeIfYourAreSick #DistanceYourself #ShareSpacesSafely #BeKind #PreservePublicHealth


Seek Out Local Talent and Services

Small independent businesses are facing some of the most dire consequences as a result of the economic shut down. Seek out supplies, gifts, personal gear, and food from community businesses you love and which build character across the country.

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