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The Spot - A Special Place in the Verde Valley

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

There is a place along Sycamore Canyon Road just outside of Clarkdale, Arizona that has been one of our top camping destinations for over 15 years. This road is typically traveled by those heading out to the Parsons Trailhead, in Sycamore Canyon Wilderness. With only the trailhead top of mind, however, you can miss much of what makes this wilderness area so incredible. Along the dusty route toward the trailhead, are many smaller, and rockier Forest Road spurs that actually lead to some of the best overlooks and destination camping spots in the Verde Valley. (but don’t tell anybody)

Box Canyon, Sycamore Canyon Wilderness

Our favorite camp is a secluded spot overlooking Box Canyon, with a spectacular view of Mingus Mountain in the distance. It's a memorable place we have coined "the Spot" because of our frequent trips there, but also its accessibility and unmatched high desert experience. The Spot looks out onto a rocky cliff of the Canyon on the far side with the Verde River flowing freely at the bottom. One of the last free flowing rivers in Arizona, you can hear the dramatic sound of the Verde River from the campsite. If you are really paying attention around sunset, you can view the flight of a blue heron following along the river’s path or bald eagles scoping for an evening snack. This premier desert wilderness area is a prime location for bird watching of all kinds and highlights perfectly the calm and distinct colors of the desert in all seasons.


We have recharged in this remote camping destination with only a few hours to spare. It's a great place for a sunset and a cold beer. We have also stayed for long weekends, multiple Thanksgivings with friends and family, and even three-week stints at a time. We have ported our boats down the rocky wash and floated on the river, caught fish, and waded in the cool pools at the river’s edge. We have sat bird watching and napping in the fresh air and just stared out at Mingus Mountain.

The Spot, a spectacular off road experience in the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness

Fina Roma Lands at the Spot

Having road tested Pin Drop Travel Trailers first model, the Fina Roma, for over 18 months and for more than 20,000 miles now, we decided it was time to keep it close to home. With limited time and feeling the camping itch, we hitched up our tear drop style trailer, and headed out toward Tuzigoot National Monument to access Sycamore Canyon Road. It was Fina Roma's maiden voyage to “the Spot.”

Frida Francis enjoying the Pin Drop Travel Trailer in Box Canyon

The Sigh

Only 20 minutes out of Cottonwood, Arizona, this is the perfect place to recharge from our day to day. We turned onto a rocky, rutted Forest Road, and steered the teardrop down to its temporary resting place at the cliff’s edge. The Pin Drop trailer sighed, and so did we.

Pin Drop Travel Trailers

Just like always, the food tastes better, the stars are brighter, and the campfires are warmer at the Spot. This time it was even better in a compact, solar-powered teardrop trailer, the Fina Roma. Pin Drop Travel Trailers are a perfect companion on any road trip or off road adventure. Check out more on their features and amenities here.


For more information about the Verde River or ways to get involved with protection efforts, visit Friends of the Verde River.

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