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Growing a Business in a Small Town - B2B Support

This week I had the opportunity to speak with Adrea France as a part of the Globe-Miami Business to Business conversation series she is hosting with a variety of business owners and advocates in the region. Adrea is a native of Globe-Miami, Arizona and is leading the charge on building a stronger network of businesses in the community. She is also an entrepreneur herself, and a Realtor with Smart Concept Real Estate Group.

Starting a Business and Becoming an Entrepreneur

Adrea invited me to share some insights on entrepreneurship and starting a business in a rural community. We discussed how Pin Drop Travel Trailers came to be and our work in Cottonwood, Arizona and Miami, Arizona. We also discussed the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on small businesses and some good strategies for moving forward.

Other highlights in our conversation include:

  • What has worked and not worked for us as entrepreneurs.

  • Why entrepreneurship is trial by fire and not for everyone.

  • Why B2B support networks are important, especially in rural communities.

  • Why telling a better story for businesses in rural communities is beneficial.

  • How economic growth in small communities is often due to the choices and investments of many different people who recognize and find value in our small towns.

  • The best advice for any entrepreneur: Don't take any advice!

View A Conversation on B2B Support

You can view our conversation (only about 30 minutes) at this YouTube link or by clicking the play button below. For more information on the many businesses in the historic Globe-Miami Arizona community, visit the Globe Miami Chamber of Commerce.


Rent a Travel Trailer Near Me

Part of the Pin Drop Travel Trailer pivot this year as a result of the pandemic is to offer a rental unit. It gives everyone a chance to take a Pin Drop out and sample all the features. You can rent a tear drop camper trailer in Arizona and experience Pin Drop's unique teardrop design while boondocking in a remote destination or settling into your favorite campground. This is a great way to stay safe and isolated while also changing the pace of your day to day.

Rental Requirements

A Pin Drop rental requires a 2" ball hitch and a 7 Blade RV Connector. We recommend you check your vehicle tow package for maximum capacity. The Road Runner model is 1800 lbs. dry.

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