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Meet the Pin Drop Team

Pin Drop Travel Trailers are solar powered, fully self contained micro campers manufactured from raw materials in rural Arizona. The company was launched in 2018 by avid campers and entrepreneurs, Tim and Ruth Ellen Elinski.

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Ruth Ellen and Tim Elinski, owners of Pin Drop Travel Trailers, smiling at the camera while the sun is setting and a large body of water is behind them.


As avid outdoor enthusiasts, Ruth Ellen and Tim had long dreamed of a camper that could accompany the pair down any road, to any campground, and to any remote, off the grid

destination. (what makes Pin Drop different?)

With a family trip departure date less than a week away, Tim got the notion to build what had been rolling around in his head for years: a nimble micro camper equipped with all things necessary for an easy, comfortable, outdoor experience.

With that, Pin Drop Travel Trailers was born.

Pindrop teardrop travel trailer logo icon in blue white and orange.


To create superior, handcrafted trailers using local resources, that encourage sustainable, responsible recreation, and exceptional outdoor experiences.


Desert Road

Pindrop campers are designed to be self-sufficient and powered by the sun, so you don’t need to plug in to the shore power of a developed campground.


This creates spur of the moment road trips, major detours from a planned itinerary, boon docking in your favorite No-where, & all landing spots in between.


Desert Road

Our micro campers are built for longevity with quality raw materials and domestic products, along

with using tried and true construction methods and design, that allow components to be easily replaced once they reach the end of their lifespan.

The teardrop style has been adored for generations, and we build Pindrops to carry on that tradition. 


Desert Road

It’s true, Pindrops are full of conveniences, but our core philosophy is that you should be able to enjoy the outdoors without negatively impacting it.


Solar powered and nimble, our trailers can go a little farther than the crowds but not tear up the countryside getting there. 


Desert Road

Our manufacturing facility is neatly tucked inside the historic shell of a 110 year old boarding house in a mining town you’ve never heard of.


Supporting our rural communities is crucial to us, and we take pride in providing jobs and opportunities in the communities we choose to live and raise our families. 


From Raw Materials

Tim Elinski is a life long tradesman from a family of tradesmen. A licensed general contractor and HVAC contractor, he brings a variety of high level skills and experience to the design and craft of each Pin Drop Travel Trailer.

Pin Drop Travel Trailers are designed, built, and constructed with intention using raw materials. The steel chassis and frame are welded in house.  Baltic birch and raw maple for the cabinetry are shaped and milled in house. All aluminum is directly shipped from the mill in sheets and formed in the Pin Drop factory.

Tim Elinski, owner of Pin Drop Travel Trailers, using a hand sander while finishing the custom cabinetry going into a Pin Drop Travel Trailer.
Tim Elinski working on a partially completed Pin Drop Travel Trailer with materials and supplies hanging on the wall behind him and a cart of electrical wiring by his side.

It's details you can't see that matter most in a Pin Drop. There is over 300 feet of wiring routed throughout the insulated walls and which gives access to convenient charging docks, recessed lighting, and thoughtful speaker placement. 

The meticulous in-house Pin Drop process ensures the highest quality at every step of the build.

By limiting production to small batch, we are able to control the quality of each and every Pin Drop and provide custom features that make each trailer unique.

What does it mean to be fully solar powered and self contained? Learn More.

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