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PinDrop™ Interviewed by Media Journalist Bonnie Stevens for Zonie Living Podcast and Business News Articles

The PinDrop Team was invited to Zonie Living Studio in late December to chat about all things PinDrop.

A founder's story unlike others, if you are curious about PinDrop's beginnings, how far they've have come, and where they are going, this is a splendid interview.

The conversation went many directions including how Pin Drop was born, why the team chose historic Miami, Arizona as their headquarters, the benefits and challenges of manufacturing in rural Arizona, and future plans for business growth and workforce housing.

They also discussed PinDrop's features including their solar powered systems, full galley kitchen, ease of use for novice campers, and Pin Drop's self-contained and off road capabilities.

Hear all about PinDrop, and why, according to co founder Ruth Ellen Elinski, "Entrepreneurship is not glamorous. It's actually quite sweaty." Tim and Ruth Ellen share much more about their growing manufacturing company in rural Miami, Arizona.

As a followup to this all-telling podcast, episode 94: How a Better Camping Experience May Start with a PinDrop, articles will be published in both the Flagstaff Business News and Quad Cities Business News.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Bonnie Stevens is an Emmy award-winning documentary producer, multimedia journalist, broadcaster, public relations consultant, author, columnist and motivational speaker. She is the creator and host of Zonie Living: Business, Adventure and Leadership on Dave Pratt's Star Worldwide Networks and editor of Flagstaff Business News and Quad Cities Business News. Her career spans television, radio, print and online news formats with stories airing on CNN, PBS, ABC, NPR, the Weather Channel and major network-affiliated stations.

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