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Rural Miami, Arizona - A Character-Rich Community

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

M Town - One of many character-rich signs in Miami, Arizona home of the Pin Drop Travel Trailers factory.

#RuralAz is where it's at, and Miami, Arizona is a perfect example of why. This sweet historical mining town may look rough around the edges, but beyond its rusty shell lies a warm, inviting community and endless opportunities.

Spreading My Wings - A hidden mural off of Sullivan Street in Miami, Arizona.

A slow stroll through town, reveals striking elements of this small town in central Arizona. The valuable building stock, the unique character, and the remnants and roots of an incredible historical story come alive. You can see, like many rural communities across Arizona, it's a place of possibility.

The Pin Drop Travel Trailers Factory - 168 North Miami Avenue

We are excited to have planted a seed in Miami and to have the opportunity to build Pin Drop Travel Trailers in a 100+ year old poured concrete building on Miami Avenue. It's a beauty and it's surrounded by other inspirational structures, several of which also house entrepreneurs and small businesses. It's inspiring to be fabricating and constructing tear drop style trailers in such a place of promise.

Hand crafted and welded steel door at the Pin Drop Factory in Miami, Arizona

From what we know, the Pin Drop Factory was originally used as living quarters for area miners. Having sat empty for many years, we have taken some time to bring it back to life.

A stage that let's you be any character you want to be. A City Park on Sullivan Street.

There are many reasons to be excited about starting a business in a rural community. We are particularly motivated in sharing our entrepreneurial experience with our two young daughters.

And so, that's what we are doing. We are living the dream and building fully loaded, solar powered, vintage inspired, camper trailers in an historic building in rural Miami, Arizona. Come visit us and find out why this really is #ThePlaceToBe.

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