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We design, manufacture, sell, and rent high quality, solar powered, self contained, micro campers that pack premium features in an eco friendly and insulated shell.

Where will your Pin Drop?

The Difference

only found in a Pin Drop

Pin Drop Travel Trailers are made in the USA from premium raw materials, in small batches, by experienced craftsmen. These fully solar powered and self contained micro campers are meticulously designed to utilize every square inch for gear storage and special features that enhance your outdoor experience.

Come see what makes these teardrop travel trailers stand out from the crowd. Visit our factory showroom in historic Miami, Arizona and discover how Pin Drop’s manufacturing process and solar powered, self contained design create a low impact and comfortable camping experience to recharge your wonder.

A full view of the Pin Drop from a side view with a woman standing in the Pin Drop Galley Kitchen. The Pin Drop is framed by a sajuaro cactus on either side.

Go Anywhere

Freedom in a nimble and reliable package that fits almost anywhere .

Sleep Soundly

Enjoy best parts of nature, without getting caught in the elements.

Solar Powered

Tap into natures most abundant renewable resource.

A young girl eating with an open Pin Drop Travel Trailer behind her. The full galley kitchen is in view with the sunset in the background.
A view of a couple in front of their Pin Drop Travel Trailer awning.

We can fit in tight spaces that other people can't. We can go places other people can't . It is light on beach sand and fits into tight spaces in the wilderness.

- Cindy P.

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