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Best TearDrop Features - What makes a Pin Drop Different

Woman making breakfast on the two burner propane stove.
The functional galley kitchen in a Pin Drop Travel Trailer

Differentiating Factors of Pin Drop

When looking at other teardrop travel trailers on the market, there are more than a few thoughtful design features that make PinDrop stand out. Pin Drop base models include integrated solar systems, mega water storage, super-insulated cabins, surround sound stereo system, an amazing galley kitchen, and plug and play adaptability.

Solar Package

All Pin Drop models are 100% solar powered and self contained. Pin Drop Travel Trailers allow you to be offgrid indefinitely, powered solely by the

Solar panel and tongue box of a Pin Drop Travel Trailer.
Renogy brand 175 watt solar panel

sun. With a 175 watt Renogy brand solar panel that powers a 200 amp/hour lithium battery bank mounted in the tongue box, Pin Drops power all charging docks, lights, fan, radio and chest fridge. Need household power for a coffee grinder, blender, or air mattress pump? We’ve got you covered with a 1000 watt inverter and convenient receptacles in three key locations: the tongue box, inside the cabin, and in the galley kitchen. Two additional solar panel ports are integrated into the Pin Drop electrical system for seamless and safe expandability depending on your needs.


Water Storage

Our standard model holds 12 gallons of freshwater under the kitchen sink. With

a few upgrades you can achieve an impressive 44 gallons of water storage for showering, drinking, or putting out the campfire. Additional water storage is the single best way to ensure you can stay out longer and have what you need to clean gear and fully extinguish the campfire . Extend your camping experience with Pin Drop's smart water storage features.


View of the fully insulated interior cabin, bed with blanket and hand crafted cabinetry for dry storage.
The R15 insulated Pin Drop Cabin with queen sized mattress

Insulated Cabin

All Pin Drop Travel Trailers include a fully insulated cabin. A critical feature to exploring in all seasons, each Pin Drop includes R15 insulation in the cabin walls and ceiling for premium temperature control and allowing for comfort in most climates. Coupled with the custom-made luxury foam queen-size mattress standard in all Pin Drop models and locally sourced from Phoenix, Arizona, the cozy cabin ensures a quiet, restful night in the great outdoors.


Outdoor movie theatre next to a Pin Drop Travel Trailer.
Pin Drop Pop Up Movie powered by solar.

Surround Sound System

Second best to the sounds of nature, music soothes the soul. That's why Pin Drops come equipped with a dynamic surround sound stereo system. Bring your favorite playlist into the outdoors and amplify your camping experience with Rockford Fosgate brand component speakers inside the cabin and inside the galley kitchen. Surround sound makes the music come alive, and if you're in the mood and have connectivity for a movie night, connect directly to a tablet or a laptop to the bluetooth-capable receiver and enjoy a private theater inside the cabin.


The Pin Drop galley kitchen open showing all features, counter top space and two burner propane stove.
Pin Drop Travel Trailer Galley Kitchen

A Kitchen Designed for Outdoor Chefs

Good food makes for a great camping experience, and the Pin Drop galley kitchen takes camp cooking to the next level. Everything you need to prepare wholesome and fulfilling meals is right at your fingertips in the Pin Drop's thoughtful, U-shaped design. With a deep basin stainless steel sink, a two-burner propane cook top, loads of dry storage for food stuff, cutlery and spices, a Canyon Cooler or Dometic chest refrigerator option, this kitchen makes outdoor cooking a dream. Convenient and functional, the galley kitchen design keeps all your favorite camp cookware safely secured and nested under the hatch for ease of use and accessibility. Pull into your campsite, open the hatch, pull out the drawers, and start preparing a meal. The Pin Drop galley kitchen boasts 16 square feet of counter top space for food prepping. Camp cooking has never been so easy!


Plug and Play Ready

Each Pin Drop is manufactured such that any upgrade we offer is bolt-on or plug-and-play ready at any time. This means each Pin Drop is customizable to match your camping needs down the road, or with the changing seasons.

Fresh powder? Load your skis. Is it a single track weekend? Load your bikes. Expecting company? Pack the enclosed awning room to sleep an extra couple in comfort! Our upgrades will keep you covered for all your adventure needs.


Invested in Rural Az and Made in USA

Pin Drop Travel Trailers are made in the USA from premium raw materials, in small batches, by experienced craftsmen. These micro campers are a premium product, sustainably manufactured in a repurposed historic building in a rural corner of Arizona. Come see what makes us stand out from the crowd, explore our factory showroom in Miami, AZ, discover how Pin Drop’s manufacturing process and solar powered, self contained design create a low impact and comfortable camping experience, and Recharge Your Wonder.


Fund Your Next Adventure

Learn how you can finance a Pin Drop here.


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