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Take Your Favorite Comforts To Any Campsite

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“So convenient, comfortable, and cozy! Beautiful workmanship. Thank you Pindrop!”

- Nicole O

Take The Comforts of Home With You On The Road

Go Everywhere

A modern approach to a nimble and reliable design that fits almost anywhere.

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Sleep Soundly

Enjoy the best parts of nature, without getting caught in the elements.


Stay Plugged In

Solar panels make sure you stay out of the dark and your devices stay charged.

Take Your Nest On The Road.

Freedom at your fingertips

As easy as hitch-it-up and go. Camp comfortably at the most remote dispersed sites, your favorite campground, or anywhere in between.

Roast more than marshmallows

Fully equipped with a 2 burner stove, stainless steel sink, hand pump faucet and ample dry & cold storage you can enjoy small snacks and cook up a gourmet meal.

Built to last a lifetime.

Designed and built by a licensed manufacturer with over 20 years of experience as a general contractor in design, restoration, and new construction.

Never get left in the dark.

Harness the most abundant resource on earth, the sun, when you just aren't ready to get back to reality.

We Support

The Vintage Teardrop Trailer

A classic design reimagined for the modern explorer takes your favorite creature comforts along with you into the heart of any adventure.

Luxary Queen Bed

Insulated Cabin

2 Burner Stove

12 gal

Water Tank

200 amp/hr


  • Can my vehicle tow a Pin Drop Travel Trailer?
    Every vehicle manufacturer recommends a maximum towing capacity, so check that first. Also, you will need a tow package which at a minimum must include a receiver hitch that accepts a 2" ball receiver and a wire loom for the electrical connection. We recommend the 7 blade RV connector. Our trailer's dry weight is between 1,500-1,950 pounds depending on which model you choose and accessories you add. Keep in mind that all your gear weighs quite a bit, and our trailers can hold from 12-44 gallons of water. Don't push the limits of your vehicle!
  • What is the lead time of a Pin Drop Travel Trailer?
    Our current lead time is 12 weeks. A fully refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the queue, and while you are waiting for your trailer to be built, why not consider renting one from us to whet your appetite? A weekend rental can be refunded upon your purchase.
  • How long can I boondock in a Pin Drop Travel Trailer?
    The solar and electrical systems are designed to allow campers to stay out in remote locations indefinitely with appropriate sunlight and cautious power consumption. Our Pin Drops hold 12-44 gallons of water depending on which model you choose and the propane tank holds 2.4 gallons.
  • Do you have a showroom where I can view a Pin Drop?
    Yes! Our production facility is located at 168 North Miami Avenue in downtown Miami, Arizona. You are more than welcome to schedule an appointment to view what we have in the queue, how we build our trailers, and see a complete unit. We also have complete units available in other corners of the state: the Verde Valley and Globe. We have a rental fleet as well to help you experience a Pin Drop before committing to a purchase.
  • Do your trailers come with a toilet?
    Nope. There’s simply no room in a teardrop for a toilet. You can opt for an awning with an enclosed privacy room and stow a composting toilet, stay in a campground with facilities, or do nature’s business by digging a hole with a shovel and the #LeaveNoTrace philosophy.
  • Do your trailers have heating and air conditioning?
    Pin Drop Travel Trailers boast an extremely tight building envelope with R-15 insulation. Our walls and roof are sealed to the utmost degree meaning body heat alone can keep you cozy in below freezing weather and the two directional, three speed fan moves enough air to cool you off in the summer months.
  • Does my purchase of a Pin Drop come with a warranty?
    Absolutely. We offer a two year warranty on workmanship and materials. Components and fixtures come with their own warranty which may be more or less than one year. If any warranty issues arise, we need to have the trailer delivered to our production facility to correct.
  • Can you match my tow vehicles wheels and tires?
    We do not match wheels and tires to your tow vehicle. We work closely with our trusted suppliers to provide the highest quality wheels and tires to move you safely to your next camping experience. We prefer to offer a narrower tire that results in less drag for better efficiency while towing.
  • Do you have trailers for rent?
    YES! We have a rental program and we encourage you to sample a Pin Drop first before buying. In fact, we’ll credit a two night stay toward your purchase. Contact information, availability, and locations are found on our website.
  • Can I customize my trailer or add additional accessories?
    Absolutely! All our models are designed to be plug and play ready for any accessory at any time. We can even add them after you purchase! If you decide later you would prefer to have a fridge over a dry storage compartment, we can change out the components and plug in your fridge, its all prewired.
  • How can I avoid paying sales tax on my purchase of a Pin Drop?
    All our pricing includes the local sales tax of Miami, AZ, currently at 9.1%. There is no way to avoid paying those taxes, even if you purchase our product online through our website. The taxes collected support a community in a rural corner of our state, so you can feel good that your purchase is helping to keep a city which used to be a heavyweight in the Arizona economy, alive and thriving. #ResurrectRural
  • Do I need to plug in to power my accessories?
    Absolutely not! Pin Drop Travel Trailers are designed to be fully self contained and powered by the sun. Unless you’re camping in the Alaskan winter (not recommended) there is no need to plug in. Under normal use you should have no issues with lack of power. When storing your camper, make sure to plug a battery tender in to the provided port.
  • Do you have a scaled-down version for DIY?
    We do not. All our models are meticulously handcrafted by professionals to provide the best camping experience possible in the smallest shell.
  • Do you offer title, registration and licensing?"
    When your Pin Drop is complete and ready for pick up, you will be given a manufacturers certificate of origin to present to the motor vehicle department. This will allow you to be issued a title. Upon request, we can also issue you a temporary registration plate good for 30 days. There is an MVD location one-mile away from our production facility.
  • Do you offer financing to purchase a Pin Drop?
    YES! We offer financing through our exclusive partner, OneAz Credit Union. Options are available to suit your specific needs. Contact Suzanne Kinslow, Business Banker: 928-649-7393 Other local financing options may also be available to finance your next big adventure.
  • What are the trailer specifications?
    Exterior Cabin: 70 1/2" Wide X 120" Long X 48" Tall Fender to Fender Width: 89 1/2" Overall Height: 72" to top of roof rack Interior Cabin: 65" Wide X 81" Long X 42" Tall Length: 14'9" Dry Weight: starts at 1500 lbs. ** Tongue Weight: 160 lbs. ** ** weight subject to change based on upgrades*
  • What is the 360° view of a Pin Drop?

Starting at $24,000


How It Works


Put down your deposit


We start production


Pick up your pindrop

*financing available through our partner*

Process: 1. Place a $1,000.00 refundable earnest deposit to get your place in the queue, confirming a guaranteed date of completion. 2. To start production, pay the 50% deposit (less the earnest deposit) and you are eight weeks away from unlimited camping experiences. 3. Pay the balance due upon completion, at which time you will be given a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin an Owner's Manual 4. Pick up your Pin Drop! You can pick up your tear drop trailer from the production location in Arizona or arrange for delivery from a third party. MANUFACTURING: Your Pin Drop trailer will come with a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin and VIN, one-year warranty on labor, and manufacturer’s warranty on components.

Crafted with care

Every pindrop is hand crafted by our very own founder, Tim Elinski, a manufacturer certified by the NHTSA and the SAE.

Each trailer is built to ensure your safety and comfort for years to come. 

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