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Pin Drop Travel Trailers


Recharge Your Wonder


To create a superior, handcrafted trailer using local resources whenever possible that encourages sustainable, responsible recreation and exceptional outdoor experiences 


At Pin Drop Travel Trailers, we are driven by our values, and all aspects of our business prove this. As long time entrepreneurs and advocates of independent business, these four building blocks keep us inspired and focused.


#ResurrectRural: Our manufacturing facility is neatly tucked inside the historic shell of a 105 year old boarding house in a mining town you’ve never heard of. We are off the beaten path, far from the conveniences of metro Phoenix. And we like it that way. The Globe-Miami area is full of hard working entrepreneurs and fabricators, and we go there first for our materials and talent. Supporting our rural communities is crucial to us, and we take pride in providing jobs and opportunities in the communities we choose to live and raise our family. 


#OwnYourHoliday: There are two ways to plan a trip. 1) Create an itinerary ahead of time and stick to it. 2) Own Your Holiday. With a Pin Drop Travel Trailer you are untethered and free to camp where you please, when you please. Because our campers are designed to be self-sufficient and powered by the sun, you don’t need to plug our campers in to the shore power of a developed campground. This creates opportunities for spur of the moment road trips, major detours from a planned itinerary, boon docking in your favorite Nowhere, added conveniences on the road and all landing spots in between.


#BuildForTomorrow: If something is worth building, it’s worth building well. We build our micro campers for longevity from the ground up. We source out quality domestic products and raw materials, combine that with tried and true construction methods and design our campers so that components are easily replaced once they reach the end of their lifespan. The teardrop style has been adored for generations, and we build Pin Drops to do the same.


#LeaveNoTrace: Our campers have been designed to immerse you in an outdoor experience, not isolate you from one. It’s true we’ve packed our Pin Drops full of conveniences, but at the core of our campers is the philosophy that one should be able to enjoy the outdoors while not negatively impacting it. Our trailers are solar powered so you won't be bothered by the hum of a generator, our trailers are nimble, so you can go a little further than the crowds but not tear up the countryside getting there. 


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Licensed by: State of Arizona as a Manufacturer and Dealer


Photos by Larry Pittman @VortexCreativeMedia