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A Camp Shower - The Yakima Terrain RoadShower 4

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Access to some of the best camping spots requires some flexibility and some compromise. You have to pack light, and plan ahead. Choosing a camping experience off the beaten path, however, doesn't mean giving up simple pleasures and comforts. Pin Drop Travel Trailers was born with this in mind. Fully self contained and solar powered, these made-in-Arizona micro campers provide many of the comforts of home including a queen size mattress, 12-gallons of fresh water storage, a sink, indoor and outdoor lighting, and insulation throughout, just for starters. All of this is inclusive, and you never need to plug it in.

The Road Shower 4 from Yakima, installed on a Pin Drop Road Runner Model
An Installed RoadShower 4 on a Pin Drop Road Runner Model

A Camp Shower

We all know, there is nothing that can recharge a mega camping experience or bring back camp morale more quickly than a shower. After several days at a remote camp, especially when the days are full of long hikes, mountain biking, animal tracking, kayaking, touring in an ATV, or other extreme outdoor adventures, a shower can give you the restart needed for another few days of big adventures in the outdoors.

The Yakima Terrain Roadshower 4 with Spray nozzle, installed on the Pin Drop Travel Trailer Road Runner Model
The Yakima Terrain RoadShower 4 with Spray Nozzle

Recharge Your Wonder

A shower is not something to compromise and fortunately there are more options now for that much needed rinse when you are camping off-the-grid. While Epic Wipes are useful and a great resource to have along for any camp, i.e. a quick bird bath to refresh your skin or to help wake you up in the morning after a late night at the campfire, nothing beats a real shower, with running water, in the outdoors. This is a game-changer. Whatever your extreme sport or the outdoor adventure you seek, whether you are boon-docking in the wilderness or camping at your favorite campground, Pin Drop Travel Trailers are built to provide you access to common conveniences and comforts including a memorable, outdoor shower experience to rinse the adventure dust off and start fresh.


The Road Shower 4

One of several upgrades available to the Pin Drop Models includes the Yakima RoadShower 4, one of several after market options that create a more exceptional camping experience in a Pin Drop Travel Trailer.

The Yakima Terrain Road Shower 4 is a solar shower that heats fresh water solely from the sun and comes in multiple sizes, (4- gallon, 7- gallon and 12- gallon). It can be purchased and installed directly to the Pin Drop roof rack during production upon request, or purchased after market and installed separately at a later time.

Photo Credit: Yakima


The EccoTemp Water Heater

The RoadShower 4 can also be connected to a water heater, ensuring that even in less ideal weather conditions, you still have

access to hot water and ultimately, an ideal shower experience. The water heater we are familiar with, the EccoTemp, is a compact, light weight, on demand, propane-powered water heater which connects via hose assembly to the Road Shower 4.

Photo Credit: EccoTemp


Pressurizing the Tank

The RoadShower 4 can be pressurized for consistent water pressure while boondocking in a remote destination or camping at your favorite campground. The tank can be pressurized by filling your tank from a home garden hose or with an on-board air compressor. As an Authorized ARB Dealer, Pin Drop Travel Trailers offers the ARB brand onboard air compressor as an available upgrade with your Pin Drop purchase.

Photo Credit: ARB 4X4 Accessories


RoadShower 4 - Other Uses

Pin Drop Travel Trailers already include a 12-gallon fresh water tank fillable from the side panel and accessed from the kitchen sink. They also can include fender racks on either side which fit additional water jug storage. The RoadShower 4 provides an additional way to carry fresh water for a variety of camping needs. The shower set-up is not only great to shower off after a long day outside, the RoadShower 4 can be used to spray off gear, clean your bikes or kayaks, give pets a bath, rinse soapy dishes, rinse out dirty clothing and even spray down your 175-watt Renogy solar panel to ensure optimum charge. It can also be used to safely extinguish a campfire before your departure. The RoadShower 4 accessory is an excellent addition to any travel trailer, camper trailer, tear drop style trailer, camper, or off road vehicle and it certainly compliments the fully self contained, solar powered experience of a Pin Drop Travel Trailer.


Pin Drop Travel Trailers

Designed and constructed in Miami, Arizona by a seasoned licensed general contractor, Pin Drop Travel Trailers provide comfort and convenience to both novice and avid campers. User friendly, light weight, nimble, and suited for both off road travel as well as parking in your favorite campground, Pin Drop Travel Trailers are solar powered (you never need to plug in) and self contained. They include a full galley kitchen with two-burner propane stove, 12-gallon fresh water tank, sink, overhead and undermount lighting, Bluetooth compatibility, and extra storage. The cabin includes a queen sized bed, two directional fan, two doors with screened windows, reading lights, charging stations, and extra storage. View more of the amenities and features of the Pin Drop Travel Trailer models.

Travel Write Rachel Pasche, exploring Arizona with a Pin Drop Travel Trailer
Travel Writer Rachel Pasche, exploring Arizona with a Pin Drop Travel Trailer

Rent a Pin Drop Camper Trailer

You can sample a Pin Drop Travel Trailer through our new rental program. This allows you to try out all the features and decide if a Pin Drop is a good fit for you. Travel Writer, Rachel Pasche, with New World Nomads has shared her experiences in a Pin Drop through her blog and in Rova Magazine.

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