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Configuring Your Pin Drop Travel Trailer - Comfortable Sleeps for Families, Small Groups, and Furry Friends

Adventures are always better in the company of friends, family, and pets. Pin Drop Travel Trailers, renowned for their innovative design and thoughtful features, offer various configurations that transform your cozy teardrop trailer into a haven for family and group camping. You might be surprised that PinDrops™ can be configured into different setups that comfortably accommodate 4, 6, and even 8 people (maybe more). We offer options to efficiently utilize space and keep your adventures light weight and sustainable.

Inside the PinDrop cabin is a cozy mattress with colorful blankets. Reading lights and cabinet lights are on for an evening look. Baltic birch wood interior on the walls and cabinets.
The PinDrop™.Cozy Cabin, with a queen-sized mattress and solar powered amenities including overhead, undermount, and cabinet lighting, two-directional three speed fan, and surround sound system by Rockford Fosgate.

The Classic Pin Drop™ Cabin: The heart of the Pin Drop Travel Trailer is its charming cabin, boasting a queen-size bed that provides a luxurious and snug retreat for two. The cabin, with its R15 insulation throughout, solar-powered lighting, and surround sound system, offers a delightful escape into the remote wilderness or an established campground. Perfect for an extended road trip or a weekend adventure with a close friend, the classic setup ensures comfort and convenience, while also offering options for gear storage, bike racks, kayak racks, other adventure gear, and bug free zones with ARB brand awnings.

The full galley kitchen in view with pull out drawers and the enclosed awning to the left of the trailer which has zip-able sides for a screened or enclosed space.
An 8' by 8' ARB shade awning can be enclosed to create a bug free and weather resistant space or create additional sleeping space for kids, friends or pets.

Additional Space for Family Comfort: To accommodate the unique needs of a family, opt into the ARB brand enclose-able awnings for your Pin Drop

A pin drop with the back hatch open to the galley kitchen. A man stands in the kitchen cooling and a young girls is walking nearby. The campsite is in a piney forest.
Amenities like the full galley kitchen and enclose-able awning make camping with families easy.

setup. These heavy duty 8' by 8' shade awnings available on both sides of the trailer can be enclosed space and serve as a versatile extension to the PinDrop™. They create shade and dry shelter and with the tent room can be used for additional sleeping arrangements on one or both sides of the trailer. Set up cots or create a sleeping bag-style camping area, which allows your family to spread out comfortably without sacrificing the close-knit camping experience. Four to six additional people can comfortably camp in the enclosed awning options.

Two young girls look out from a roof top tent affixed to the steel trestle span roof racks. The PinDrop side doors and kitchen hatch are open.
The ARB brand roof top tent is a perfect fit atop a PinDrop creating additional sleep space for kids or friends.

Two young girls in a roof top tent spread out on their sleeping bags with a view of a tree.
Enjoying their own space in a rooftop tent secured on the PinDrop™ trestle span roof rack.

Ultimate Group Adventure for Eight - Introducing ARB Roof Top Tents: Take your group camping to the next level by incorporating ARB brand roof top tents. This ingenious addition allows you to utilize the roof space for sleeping accommodations, transforming your Pin Drop into a spacious haven. The rooftop tent provides a unique camping experience, with the added benefit of elevated views, and gets you off the ground and away from wildlife.

A woman takes a selfie of her and her husband who is standing in the pulled out galley kitchen cooking dinner and drinking beer. The PinDrop has a roof top tent on top and the lights are on in the kitchen.
Cook for your family or groups of friends in the PinDrop™ galley kitchen with all the conveniences of home.

Pet-Friendly Configurations - Welcoming Furry Companions: Pin Drop Travel Trailers knows that pets make every camp a bit better. The flexible configurations mentioned above not only cater to human comfort but also offer space for your four-legged friends. With the right setup in an enclosed awning, your pets can enjoy a secure space outside of the roomy cabin.

Comfortable Sleeps for 2, 4, 6, 8 or More

Pin Drop Travel Trailers prove that size doesn't limit the capacity for shared adventures. Whether you're a couple seeking an intimate retreat, a family of four, or a large group of friends pushing the boundaries of exploration, the various configurations and additions like the ARB enclose-able awnings or a rooftop tent ensure that every camping experience is tailored to your unique needs.


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