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How We Source: A Visit With Travel Writer Rachel Pasche

As part of the Pin Drop Travel Trailers original article series, How We Source, we continue to share the creative ways that we include and use Arizona-based businesses in our production practices and in business operations.

How We Source

Through How We Source, we highlight the exceptional local talent and small businesses that contribute to our local economy and to our own product, service and livelihood at Pin Drop Travel Trailers.

For much of our media needs, Pin Drop Travel Trailers turns to local talent to help us communicate about the unmatched quality of our self contained, solar powered teardrop style camper trailers, and to help tell our unique story.

Comparing travel notes and camping experiences is incredibly rewarding. As an adventure company, Pin Drop Travel Trailers certainly likes to share our own stories and highlight our favorite camping spots. More importantly, we like to hear the stories of other adventure seekers and travel guides, about their expeditions near and far, especially when they include a Pin Drop Travel Trailer.

Rachel Pasche, Travel Writer

Our Pin Drop micro camper compliments any camping experience for a variety of reasons. It was a pleasant surprise when we were approached by Independent Travel Writer Rachel Pasche. Co-owner of New World Nomads, a collaborative travel blog, Rachel offered to highlight some of her Pin Drop adventures while out on assignment and while exploring locally in Arizona.

Read Rachel's work and learn more about her here. You can also view the variety of articles she has put together for Pin Drop including:

From Rachel Pasche, Independent Travel Writer

What brings you the greatest joy in being a business owner?

Working for myself has been incredibly challenging, as any business owner will probably attest to. It’s a lot of work, a lot of self-doubts, and one leap of faith after another. That being said, it’s incredibly rewarding to see my efforts pay off knowing that I put in the work to bring my accomplishments to fruition. That, and having the flexibility to navigate obstacles as I deem fit are both things I'm excited about every day.

What has been your greatest challenge as an independent business?

I think the greatest challenge we face as an independent business is convincing people to trust and work with us. It may sound strange, but when you are your biggest advocate, people sometimes struggle to take a leap of faith and partner with you for a project. Without the contracts, fail-safes, and long history of business that come with larger companies, persuading people to choose you over other options has proven to be the largest hurdle.

What do you love about Arizona?

Coming from Michigan, my perception of Arizona mirrored what most Midwesterners think of this state: the desert and the Grand Canyon. Since moving here, I’ve been proven wrong countless times, and that’s what I adore about it. It’s so diverse both culturally and geographically and it never ceases to surprise me. A few hours in the car can take you to snow, to a national park or forest (several, actually!), to Native American ruins, to untouched backcountry, or to another country. Each city, county, and part of Arizona is so unique, it feels like you’re in an entirely new state. I love how it’s brimming with places to be explored and new things to discover. This probably sounds cheesy, but I love the sunsets, too. They consistently amaze, year-round.

What makes your product or service unique?

Our company, New World Nomads, was formed during the pandemic as both Michelle (my partner) and I struggled with working as freelance writers in the travel industry at a time when nobody was traveling. We started this company/partnership to showcase and promote ways to travel that didn’t involve putting yourself at risk in any way. Our focus is to not only explore and advertise safe, off-the-grid travel (camping, road trips, etc.) but to do so in a way that makes it seem accessible and doable to those who have no experience or knowledge of these types of trips. We aim to open other people to opportunities in their own backyards through our own experiences and through our writing projects.

What motivates or drives you and your team?

I can’t speak for Michelle, but I personally am motivated by how many positive learning experiences we’ve had thus far, which excites me for future opportunities to test the boundaries of what we’re comfortable with and what works for us. We’re both pretty new to the full-time freelance business, but we’ve had such an incredible time working with local companies and magazines to create articles that shed light on all the ways to enjoy Arizona without needing to check into a hotel or make a full itinerary. It’s immensely gratifying and motivating to have so many beneficial experiences to look back on, as it excites me for all those to come. I’m also fueled by my innate desire to ultimately become an expert camper, myself. I want to be knowledgeable, rugged, and ready to tackle anything the backcountry may throw at me.

Who is your favorite Arizona based business and why?

Unrelated to camping, one business I absolutely adore is Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. As a huge reader, I think supporting local bookstores is really important, and Bookmans makes that possible without the price tags usually found in some independent stores. It’s some combination of atmosphere, products, the team members, and their buy/sell/trade policy that makes this place feel magical to me. Plus, they always give my dog a treat when I bring her, and that in itself is awesome to me.


Pin Drop Camper Trailers in Rova Magazine

Travel Writer, Rachel Pasche, with New World Nomads, shared some her experiences in a Pin Drop through her blog and in the amazing article, The Wild West: Visiting the Ghost Towns of Arizona in the February/March 2021 issue of Rova Magazine. (Photo Credit: Rova Magazine)

You too can sample a Pin Drop Travel Trailer through the Pin Drop Travel Trailers rental program. Try out all the features, sample the accessories, and decide if a Pin Drop is a good fit for you.

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