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PinDrop Travel Trailers Showcases at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show Nov 17-26 - Adventure Better

Alongside hundreds of other outdoor gear companies including the Arizona brand Canyon Coolers, Pin Drop Travel Trailers will be showcased November 17th through the 26th at the LA Auto Show®, " of the most influential and best-attended auto shows globally and [which] spans more than 1,000,000 square feet."

A 2020 four-door Ford Bronco towing a Pin Drop Travel Trailer. The Bronco is custom wrapped including the words Adventure Better
Adventure Better With Canyon Coolers and PinDrop Travel Trailers

Located in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center, Pin Drop Travel Trailers will be displayed alongside Canyon Coolers in the outdoor, vehicle, and recreation space presented by According to OVR Mag, this section is dedicated to purpose-built vehicles, campsite products, and a variety of gear, accessories, and goods for all travel and off-road adventures.

The PinDrop™ Scout Model

A fully loaded Pin Drop Travel Trailer on display in the Pin Drop Factory with an American flag hanging from the ceiling and accent lights glowing
The PinDrop™ Scout Model resting in the production facility in. Miami, Arizona

The PinDrop Team took extra care in designing, building, and outfitting this unit, with the ultimate goal to showcase the very best of PinDrop at the LA Auto Show®. The Scout Model has unique features and details only found in a PinDrop. The model is fully road-tested having been out off-grid, in remote destinations, supporting trail crews, travel enthusiasts, adventure seekers, off-roaders, and everyday campers.

Solar Powered and Self Contained

The Scout boasts an expanded solar array which provides 400 watts to energize its fully solar-powered design. This remarkable solar powered design allows campers to be out, off grid, indefinitely, without the need to plug in and with no need for a generator or extra fuel. Electrical systems and features include overhead and under mount lighting in the galley kitchen, Rockford Fosgate surround sound system, reading lights and interior lights in the cabin, USB and household current charging stations, and more.

Clearance and Other Features

The 22" clearance package allows flexibility and access to the best camps found off road and in rough and remote terrain. The on-board air compressor will pump up bike tires at basecamp, or pump up tow rig tires when back to pavement. The compressor also pressurizes the 10 gallon solar shower mounted on the custom PinDrop trestle span roof rack. Additional custom fender racks with Reliance brand storage containers provide an additional 12 gallons of freshwater storage.

The fully R15 insulated Pin Drop keeps the cabin quiet and provides surprising comfort in most climates. The unique and functional galley kitchen is complimented by the high-performing ice chest from Canyon Coolers.

Built from raw materials, PinDrop is an Arizona brand. With so many other features, it's only to your advantage to come see the unit for yourself.


Added specifically to showcase at the LA Auto Show®, the Norwegian Dropracks roof rack system provides convenient, easy access to any gear or roof top storage. Experience a whole new level of convenience and ease with this revolutionary roof rack system.

"Unlike traditional racks that leave your gear out of reach on the roof, Dropracks lowers everything down to a comfortable and easily accessible height. And with a horizontal loading platform right by your car, loading and unloading is a breeze."

The Partners

Canyon Coolers - Adventure Better

Learn more on why to buy Canyon.

Pin Drop Travel Trailers has been a fan of Canyon Coolers from the very start of production. In line with PinDrop company core values to source locally whenever possible, the Pin Drop team was committed to using the Canyon Cooler brand and promoting this superior cooler to outdoor fans and PinDrop customers because of its quality and high performance. The standard PinDrop galley kitchen was designed to house the 35 quart Canyon Cooler option. It is exciting to now be showcasing both Arizona brands, together, at the LA Auto Show® later this month.

"The opportunity to represent Canyon Coolers at the LA Auto Show® came about as an unexpected consequence of being active in the overland community for the better part of a decade, Jason Costello, CEO and Founder of Canyon Coolers said. " We've been fortunate to make lasting relationships within the motorsports world that continue to grow."

Learn more about the partnership with Canyon Coolers in a May 2020 interview with Costello here.

Topo Joes - A Local Bike Shop

The Topo Joes Logo, with the words too joes atop a topographic map.

Using the custom steel trestle span roof rack, PinDrop is accessorized with an American-made mountain bike with a carbon frame and enduro geometry, built to get you through any adventure and supplied by one of rural Arizona's best small town bike shop retailers.

A mountain bike on a roof rack on top of a Pin Drop Travel Trailer.
A PinDrop Accessorized with an American-made Mountain Bike from Topo Joes Bike Shop

Topo Joes in historic Globe, Arizona is a community-focused bike shop dedicated to American-made bikes and gear with a tight crew that have an eye for detail and who provide exceptional service and repair.

Topo Joes now offers shuttle services and bike rentals for Pinal Mountain Range trails. With years of experience in Tonto National Forest, Topo Joes is fully insured, licensed and permitted by the US Forest Service to provide these guided services.

Learn more about Topo Joes.

More About the Los Angeles Auto Show

With a mission to create the world’s most influential B2B and B2C platforms for automotive and mobility innovations to be unveiled, discovered, and experience, the LA Auto Show® boasts worldwide media exposure, industry networking, and experiential marketing for th Media and Industry Preview Day called AutoMobility LA® drawing more than tens of thousands of auto industry decision-makers and influencers, including nearly 5000 media and journalists from 50+ countries. It brings together the entire ecosystem driving the convergence of technology and the automobile. (source: LAAutoShow)

Following AutoMobility LA, the show opens its doors to the public for the Los Angeles Auto Show, where hundreds of thousands of qualified car shoppers, enthusiasts, and auto fans come together for ten exciting days in the nation’s largest car-buying market.

The LA Auto Show Logo, black circle with a white triangle inside that looks like the letter A and the words, Los Angeles Auto Show.

"Hosted in the largest car-buying and EV market in the United States, LA Auto Show® and AutoMobility LA is where automotive, technology, and culture converge to promote industry updates and the latest in personal mobility solutions."

Location: 1201 S Fuguera St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Show Hours:

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