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Work Remotely From a PinDrop™Travel Trailer With 100% Solar Powered Electrical Systems

With PinDrop's unique design and 100% solar powered electrical systems, you can work remotely, attend virtual meetings, stay connected, and even run a business from literally anywhere. With fully solar powered electrical systems, enjoy unlimited power at your fingertips from a remote, off grid camp or your favorite campground.

Founder, Tim Elinski and Lead Tech Isaac Webb installing a solar panel on the roof of a PinDrop
The Installation of a XPLOR by Sunflare 180 watt CIGS Solar Panel

Made in USA

The standard PinDrop, a micro camper made in historic Miami, Arizona, USA, includes an electrical system unlike other travel trailers. Because of their self contained design, there is no need to pack a generator or fuel. There is never a need to plug in a PinDrop. Pin Drop owners can power all systems, charge and power devices, and stay connected utilizing the the world's most abundant resource, the sun.

A close up view of the three plug in ports on the side of the PinDrop Tongues Box
Accessible Electrical Ports on the PinDrop Tongue Box Come Standard in Every Trailer

Unlimited, Maintenance-Free Power

The solar design is integrated into each and every PinDrop™ unit, unlike other "solar ready" units, the Pin Drop is uniquely designed and engineeered to provide unlimited, maintenance-free power from the sun indefinitely. We capture solar power through 180 watt XPLOR by Sunflare CIGS solar panels, with three individual ports located on each Pin Drop, creating multiple options for expandability. The power is stored in a 315 amp/hour lithium iron phosphate battery bank.

All the lights, the stereo system, ventilation and cooling system, fridge and charging docks run staight from the 12 volt battery, both day and night.

Pin Drops include a 2000 watt inverter that powers receptacles located throughout the trailer for easy access to 110 VAC for small appliances, lap tops, or other gear and devices. PinDrop™ offers three 110 VAC receptacles which come standard in every trailer. One in the kitchen, one in the cabin, and one in the tongue box.

Maintaining the system is easy while your PinDrop trailer is in storage. A standard extension cord can be plugged into the convenient port provided on the side of the tongue box. This will automatically charge and maintain your battery in between trips.

An overhead view of the Pin Drop displaying the solar panel.
XPLOR by Sunflare CIGS Solar Panel Installed on a Pin Drop.

Other convenient electrical features on all PinDrop models include overhead and undermount lighting in both the kitchen and the cabin, a Rockford Fosgate-powered surround sound system with bluetooth capability with speakers in the kitchen and the cabin, LED lighting in the the ARB shade awnings, a two directional, five speed ventilation and cooling system, USB and auxillary power outlet charging stations, and an optional Dometic brand chest refrigerator.

A Pin Drop Travel Trailer with the Kitchen Hatch Open and a couple cooking a meal in the galley kitchen.
Work Remotely From a PinDrop.

Work Remotely

PinDrop makes it easy to access all the electrical features you need to stay connected with family and friends, attend virtual meetings, conduct research, work remotely, charge and power your devices, and even run a business. You can do it all from the road, from a campground, or from a remote camp in the wilderness, all powered by solar. You don't find this in just any travel trailer. This capacity is only found in a PinDrop™ Travel Trailer.

PinDrop™ Travel Trailers are built from raw materials, in small batches, and headquartered in Historic, Miami, Arizona.


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