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5 Ways to Store Water for Remote Camping

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

It may seem obvious to many of you, but the issue of water is a big one, especially when planning for an off road, remote camping experience. Whether you are a novice camper going on a remote adventure for the first time, or an avid camper seeking an extended stay off the grid, it's important to be strategic about water access and storage.

Packing Water

When you consider packing water for a remote camping adventure, you can't just think about what you might consume over your time out boondocking. You also have to consider what you need for washing hands, washing dishes, cleaning gear, taking a shower (if that is important to you), and most importantly, ensuring your campfire is dead out. If you are not going to be camping near a water source, which is the case for many of the rural, remote, Arizona off road adventure destinations, packing in water is the only solution.

Fortunately, Pin Drop Travel Trailers makes porting water easy with some simple accessories that are included in the design as well as some optional upgrades that can be added during production upon request. For example, all Pin Drop models include a 12-gallon fresh water tank. With the additional inclusion of the 2 10-gallon roof top tanks, and the two fender racks holding one 5-gallon can each, the Pin Drop can hold nearly 42 gallons of fresh water. Each of our small batch Pin Drop Travel Trailers, which are made in Arizona, are prefabricated for adding gear and accessories after your final purchase, making it possible to upgrade your micro camper at a later date.

Fresh Water Tank

Pin Drop Travel Trailers have a built in 12-gallon fresh water storage tank for potable water, accessed and filled from a garden hose, spigot or water jug with spout. The water is accessed at the deep basin sink, using a Valterra brand hand pump faucet included in the Pin Drop galley kitchen. The Valterra faucet is another Pin Drop feature that adds to water conservation in its function of only pumping out water as you need it.

Shower Tank

The Pin Drop team can mount a RoadShower 4 on to the trestle span roof rack during production. Available in 4, 7 and 10-gallon capacity tanks, the RoadShower 4 accessory is good for more than just showers. As mentioned in a previous article specifically detailing how to use the RoadShower 4, this storage tank provides an additional way to carry fresh water for a variety of camping needs. In addition to a shower after a long day of adventures, the RoadShower 4 can be used to spray off gear, clean your bikes or kayaks, give pets a bath, rinse soapy dishes, rinse out dirty clothing and even spray down your 175-watt Renogy solar panel to ensure optimum charge. It can also be used to safely extinguish a campfire before your departure. The RoadShower 4 accessory is an excellent addition to any travel trailer, camper trailer, tear drop style trailer, camper, or off road vehicle and it certainly compliments the fully self contained, solar powered experience of a Pin Drop Travel Trailer.

Seen here: the 7-gallon Road Shower 4 mounted to the trestle span roof rack, the 12-gallon fresh water tank fill cap, and a custom fender rack with

GELG Jerry Can.

Pin Drop has also designed and constructed their own water tank holding 10 gallons of additional water storage.Easily mounted to the trestle span roof racks, these add an additional option for water storage.

Water Cans and Jugs

Custom fender racks mounted behind each fender of the Pin Drop hold a 5-gallon NATO water can or plastic Reliance water jug for additional water storage. The fender racks are an available upgrade to your Pin Drop model of choice and jugs and cans can be purchased from your local camping gear supplier. We rely on Peace Surplus in Flagstaff, Arizona for many of our own camping gear needs, specifically water jugs and water storage supplies.

Photo Credit:

Desert Patrol Water Jug by Reliance Outdoors


Ice Chest or Canyon Cooler

Each Pin Drop RoadRunner model includes a 35-quart Canyon Cooler for food and beverage storage and you may bring along your own variety of cooler or ice chest. While we often think of these tools as nothing more than holding ice, coolers are another useful fresh water tank. The remaining ice and any that has melted to water can and should be saved through the end of your trip. It can be used as emergency fresh water to drink or as a way to properly extinguish a campfire.

Gray Water Collection

As advocates of camping safety and stewardship of public lands, we encourage all campers, specifically those seeking remote, off the grid experiences, to ensure appropriate and respectful use of our shared spaces, including the extinguishing of campfires completely before departing your camp. Another strategy for ensuring enough water to support a fully extinguished fire is gray water collection. While stationary at your camp, you can collect the gray water that drains from the deep basin sink with an empty bucket placed directly under the drain. While the gray water may not be needed, it's a smart, plan-ahead strategy that may come in handy should you utilize all the fresh water before your departure.


Rent a Pin Drop Camper Trailer

You can sample a Pin Drop Travel Trailer through our new rental program. This allows you to try out all the features and decide if a Pin Drop is a good fit for you.

The Pin Drop Galley Kitchen includes:

• Built in two-burner propane stove with wind guards

• 12-gallon fresh water tank storage

• Stainless steel deep basin sink with hand pump faucet

• Canyon Cooler or available upgrade Dometic chest refrigerator ️

• Solar powered over head and under mount lighting

• 12 volt USB charging station and accessory port

• Household 110 volt receptacle for small appliances

• Bluetooth compatible stereo with interior and exterior speakers

• Extra storage for dry goods

• Lockable hatch

The Pin Drop Cabin includes: • R13 insulation throughout • Queen size bed • 2-directional fan • 2 doors with screened windows • Solar-powered ️ overhead, under mount, and reading lights • Bluetooth compatible TV monitor and speakers • 12 volt USB charging station and accessory port • Household 110 volt receptacle • Baltic birch interior walls Pin Drop Travel Trailers are powered with 175-watt roof mounted Renogy brand solar panel which charges a 100 amp hour battery bank that powers all electrical systems, inside and out. The battery bank can also be charged by a compatible tow vehicle while driving.

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