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Building Tear Drop Style Travel Trailers -PinDrop Team Shares All in Canvas Rebel Magazine Article

A Pin Drop Travel Trailer set up next to a large campfire and a dog sitting on a log near the trailer. Two camp chairs are set up at the fire ring and the camp is surrounded by orange and yellow fall foliage.
A fall camp in Northern Arizona.

The Pin Drop team was recently highlighted in a full interview turned article in Canvas Rebel Magazine.

Tear Drop Style Travel Trailers

"Recharge Your Wonder is the mission that drives us as we manufacture our solar-powered self-contained micro campers. Obviously we want folks to recharge their wonder and appreciation of nature as experienced through an eco-friendly camper, but we also want to inspire wonder in what is possible in rural corners of our nation."

An Invitation from Canvas Rebel

With the mission to create a space for artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to be able to learn from their peers through the magic and power of storytelling, Canvas Rebel reached out recently to Pin Drop Founders Ruth Ellen and Tim Elinski to hear more about their history, their business, what motivates them in building tear drop style travel trailers, and the historic town of Miami, Arizona they have chosen as headquarters to PinDrop, a fully solar powered, self contained, super insulated micro camper with a small footprint and big features made from raw materials in the USA.

Tim Elinski walking by an almost completed travel trailer. He is wearing a har with a carpenters pencil hanging out the side and he is carrying a finishing tool.
Founder Tim Elinski finalizing details on a Pin Drop at his manufacturing facility in Miami, Arizona.

Excerpts from Tim

"We design, build, sell and rent solar-powered micro campers which are packed with features unlike others on the market and provide an eco-friendly way to experience the great outdoors without negative impact. I come from a family of tradesmen and was a general contractor for 25 years before starting Pin Drop."

"The prototype I built [over 5 years ago] garnered such admiration on the road we decided to launch a new company and have since built what I believe to be the finest teardrop on the market, with the most features and conveniences available in the most compact, yet luxuriously comfortable, shell."

A fully completed Pin Drop Travel Trailer still parked inside the manufacturing facility with a man walking around the back side for safety checks.
Isaac Webb, Lead Technician at Pin Drop completing the final safety checks on a sold PinDrop.

The Remarkable Features

"Our Pin Drops are super-insulated which eliminates the need for A/C and heat, they can stow an impressive 44 gallons of freshwater, have a queen sized mattress, an amazing kitchen design with two-burner stove, sink and water, lots of power outlets and ways to haul adventure gear including bikes, kayaks, fly rod cases, etc. All of this while being solar powered, meaning no more generators or plugging in. All of this while being lightweight and nimble, meaning no more cumbersome gas guzzling trucks that are limited on how far one can access the outdoors."

A two story poured concrete building with 4 bottom floor windows glowing from lights on the inside.
The 115-year-old historic building in Miami, Arizona where Pin Drops are manufactured.

Headquartered in an Historic 115-Year-Old Building

"When we purchased our manufacturing facility in historic downtown Miami, AZ it was 5,600 square feet of are-you-sure-this-is-a-good-idea? The amount of cleaning, demolition, pigeon relocation, and trips to the dump would have turned anyone else away. But we had a vision and the work ethic to get us through the hard stuff."

A travel trailer on display with both doors and the kitchen hatch open.
A fully completed tear drop style travel trailer, PinDrop parked inside the historic PinDrop headquarters in Miami, Arizona.

Why PinDrop?

"The Pin Drop design is warm and welcoming, pleasing to the eye and remarkably intuitive to use and well designed. To date, not a single customer who has bought a Pin Drop has sold their Pin Drop. That says a lot."

About Canvas Rebel

The why behind the Canvas Rebel brand: "The small business owners, artists and creatives in our communities are brilliant and deserve more coverage, more platforms and more opportunities to share their stories and insights and we’re excited to play a small role in getting those insights out into the world through our CanvasRebel features."

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