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Happy Campers in the News

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

It's with great excitement and pride to share the recent article in Green Living Magazine highlighting Pin Drop Travel Trailers and creator, founder, and licensed general contractor, Tim Elinski.

It's not a surprise this Arizona product and manufacturing company is making headlines and gaining traction from not just millennials, but active boomers, avid campers and overlanders as well. It's likely due to the craftsmanship of the product, made in Miami, Arizona, and the supreme quality and functionality of these fully self-contained, solar powered camper trailers.

Pin Drop Travel Trailers, founded in 2018, are small batch, tear drop style travel trailers. Light weight and easy to pull, these teardrop camper trailers are packed with features including a 12-gallon fresh water tank, R13 insulation, queen sized mattress, 175-watt solar panel, undermount and overhead lighting, a galley kitchen with two burner propane stove, hand-pump sink, cabinet storage and either a Canyon Cooler (also made in Arizona) or Dometic refrigerator. It also includes options for a roof rack for extra storage, bike rack for those mountain bike or road bike competitors, and an ARB shade or enclosed awning for lounging or extra sleeping accommodations.

Because the Pin Drop company core values include the Leave No Trace philosophy and the design includes a 175-watt solar panel that feeds a battery bank, allowing patrons the option of complete off-the-grid living (there is never a need to plug in) for an extended period of time, Green Living Magazine welcomed the Pin Drop production and entrepreneurial story.

Read the full article by Angel Fuchs here and see the full October 2020 Issue of Green Living here. Photos in this article (except for display cover image) credited to Larry Pittman @VortexCreativeMedia

Display Cover Image by @VinceAlfaro of Green Living Magazine.



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