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How We Source - A Visit with Vortex Creative Media

We started the How We Source blog series to highlight the local talent and suppliers that we use in the manufacturing and production of Pin Drop Travel Trailers, small batch, fully self-contained, tear drop style travel trailers. In line with our core company values, we seek to support our rural roots by seeking out Arizona-based businesses first for supplies, materials and talent.

When we launched our travel trailer manufacturing company in 2018, we knew that marketing and branding was going to be critical in this highly competitive market, with both corporate and independent brands to differentiate ourselves from. Having road tested the prototype for 18 months and over 20,000 miles, we brought Pin Drop 2.0 to market in January of 2020 and felt ready to invest in our first official photo shoot, which we scheduled for the second week of March. This coincided with the completion of a brand new floor model, an Outdoor Expo, the start of spring camping season, and a finalized menu of upgrades and amenities to display. It was a perfect storm of high quality content to be used across all media, materials, and platforms.

It was easy to know who we would invest our marketing budget with to help tell our story and showcase our final product. Larry and Cindy Pittman, owners of Vortex Creative Media have been in the Verde Valley for 8 years and have been friends and associates of ours since long before Pin Drop became a reality. As community and business resources, they have created video and photo content for a long list of area businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, Verde Valley Regional Economic Organization (VVREO), business associations, and the Sedona Film Festival, among others. We knew Vortex Creative Media would give us tailored content, quality service, and help us tell the Pin Drop story through creative imagery and from the remote destinations our trailers are designed for.

Of course, who could have predicted the economic shut down starting in Arizona March 16th, 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? This resulted in an unprecedented downturn for businesses everywhere, and though we continued with production, sales and rentals were curbed and all events cancelled. With public health top of mind, we all agreed the need to postpone the photo and video shoot until further notice.

As we continue to wait for the right time, we revel in some of the candid shots that Larry has taken of the trailer at random community events and continue to use our own stock pile of amateur photos and videos we have taken ourselves along the way. We are looking forward to a time when public events are restored, businesses have cash flow, and when Larry and Cindy can make Pin Drop their new project. Look for new photos and video content by Vortex Creative Media which highlights production at our factory in Miami, Arizona and additional remote adventures from several undisclosed camping locations to be part of our portfolio, maybe this fall.

Vortex Creative Media

What brings you the greatest joy in being a business owner?

Our greatest joy in business ownership arises out of the flexibility to do what we think is right every time.

What has been your greatest challenge as an independent business?

Our business is somewhat unique in that our industry, other than for key roles, traditionally utilizes independent contractors for skilled labor. Not unlike hiring full time staff, finding the right talent with best in industry skill sets and a strong work ethic is a constant challenge. 

What do you love about Arizona?

Being in the digital media business, Arizona offers an amazingly unending array of topography and color as palette for creativity.

What makes your product or service unique?

As with most businesses, specialization is best. Too often in our business, media companies attempt to be all things to all people.  We are first and foremost storytellers. We concentrate on telling your story from the first pre-production meeting, to planning each shot and camera move with a clear picture of the edit in mind as we go. We have made it our focus from the onset to do one thing and do it the best we can. And that is branding and promoting your business in the most compelling way possible. We have the flexibility, capacity, resources and talent to create simple social media up to larger, complex commercials, corporate internal communications or live corporate events.

What motivates or drives you and your team?

We want to exceed expectations. Our motivation comes from making something that is both visually and emotionally compelling for our clients. When we chose the dba “Vortex Creative Media”, we did so mindfully with the image of centering and focusing on creativity.

Who is your favorite Arizona based business and why?

That is a difficult question because there are so many favorite small businesses here who produce and sell amazing products and services. And we are blessed to get to see behind the curtain of many of them which gives us a deeper understanding of the caring and passion of entrepreneurship that goes along with them.


Never underestimate the power of your story. View more about Vortex Creative Media on their website.

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