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Pick Up Your PinDrop™ In Style - A Complimentary Stay in Historic Miami, Arizona

Driving a long distance to pick up your PinDrop can be a challenge. We get it. And we’ve thought of that, too. One way we take special care of our PinDrop™ customers is to offer a complimentary stay in a newly renovated historic home in the heart of historic Miami, Arizona, making your PinDrop™ Travel Trailer pick-up extra special.

The interior of The Cactus Alley, the living room area with bookshelves, two chairs, a coffee table and black and white art work on the walls.
The Cactus Alley - A Newly Renovated Historic Home in Miami, Arizona

The Cactus Alley - An Historic Home in the Heart of Miami, Arizona

The Cactus Alley is a one hundred and ten year old poured concrete home that’s been artfully remodeled and renovated by PinDrop™ founder and

A kitchen space with overhead lighting, counter space, a dining room table and bar.
The Cactus Alley Kitchen Space for Cooking and Dining During Your Stay

general contractor Tim Elinski. A spacious and comfortable home, The Cactus Alley has all the amenities for complete relaxation and a recharge before heading back on the road with your new PinDrop™ Travel Trailer. The Cactus Alley has a full kitchen with all accessories and cookware, a full bath with tiled shower, laundry facilities, a work station, wifi access, a luxurious king sized bed, and a living room with lounging areas. The Cactus Alley also has a large covered patio and a fire pit for warmth and relaxation on chilly evenings.

The unique space is adorned with antiques, art work, and curios that celebrate the rugged mining history of the Copper Corridor. Conveniently located, the home is within walking distance to shops, restaurants and, of course, to PinDrop™ headquarters. It's the perfect destination for new PinDrop™ owners that are coming from out of town and a great way to experience rural Arizona.

The Cactus Alley is just one block off Sullivan Street, the historic district. Enjoy access to antique shopping, the Bullion Plaza Cultural Center, and authentic Mexican food. It's also a short drive to downtown Globe, Superior, Roosevelt Lake, Besh Ba Gowah Park, and Boyce Thompson Arboretum. The Cactus Alley is your gateway to hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the Copper Corridor's history and the rugged beauty.

A couple sitting outside in a back yard enjoying a campfire at night time. The yard is dimly lit.
A Therapy Campfire for New Pin Drop Owners Outside The Cactus Alley

The Pin Drop team encourages all customers to stay, relax, get well-rested, and prepare for the next exciting leg of your trip: the journey home with your Pin Drop in tow.

A blue jeep parked out side the PinDrop Headquarters with the Pin Drop team answering questions and demonstrating the shade awning.
Pick Up Day for Pindroppers - The Thorough Walk Through

PinDrop Pick Up Procedures

After you wake refreshed, the Pin Drop™ team will be waiting to meet you. On pick up day, every PinDrop customer is provided a thorough walk through of their new travel trailer. This is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with your Pin Drop, to tour all features, test the set up, and to address any initial questions. You can plan to spend two hours with us as we walk you through the solar powered, self contained travel trailer and all the luxury features and camping accessories. The PinDrop™ team will also ensure your new off-grid trailer is coupled to the tow vehicle correctly and safely. We want each and every customer to confidently head out on the road in search of the very best camping adventures without worry!

An Invitation - Enjoy The Cactus Alley

We invite you to stay a night on us! Before your check out and departure in a PinDrop, experience and enjoy a community that we love and which is home to PinDrop as well as many other manufacturers and small businesses. This is one small way of thanking you for your trust in our brand and for the opportunity to provide you with the best teardrop trailer on the market.


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