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Solar Powered Micro Camper Cold Storage - Refrigerator vs. Ice Chest.

Refrigerator vs. Ice Chest

The Pin Drop galley kitchen has been designed and constructed for ease, functionality, and access to common conveniences. Much like the Pin Drop trailer design itself, this unique galley kitchen is adaptable to fit all camping styles and what is best for you. It can easily be modified.

Some of you cook gourmet meals while camping, others just need a place to store beer on ice. This begs the question, fridge or ice chest? Both have advantages, so we’ll explain each to help you make the decision for your desired camping experience. Regardless your cold storage and cooking preferences, we’ve got you covered and your Pin Drop is easily adapted to accommodate the best fit for your big adventure.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Cold

A Canyon Cooler brand ice chest is a great way to compliment a super insulated travel trailer. Canyon Coolers (also an Arizona headquartered company) are packed with insulation and seal like a dream. They retain ice like no other cooler on the market, and make cold storage easy despite high temperatures. One of the best features of the traditional Canyon Cooler is they are bear proof, sealed with a grizzly bear proof certification.

The truth is, Canyon Coolers are such a superior cooler, that one of the Pin Drop kitchen pull out drawers was originally designed around their classic 35 qt. Outfitter cooler. This superior cooler fits like a glove underneath the slide out storage drawer with a drawer flap that doubles as additional countertop space. A convenient access hole has been incorporated in the cabinet to easily reach the drain plug. The cooler does not need to be removed from the cabinet pull out drawer to drain or clean it, making this a user-friendly feature.

The Canyon Cooler is an inclusive and easily inserted option for a weekend getaway, quick excursion, or an impromptu picnic at your local state park. Even with a thick base layer of ice, there is plenty of room for your foodstuff, and with an integrated basket, you can keep your sammys and cheese out of the ice. It's a simple, reliable option that won’t drain your battery and requires no extra space in your vehicle.

For the Chefs and Extended Campers

A 12VDC powered refrigerator is available and is a great option if you’re serious about food preparation and cooking. It's also important for remote, off-the-grid excursions for longer periods of time. The Dometic brand 25 qt chest fridge, can pack

as much as, and maybe even more than, its roomier Canyon Cooler companion, and you won’t need to worry about any of your ingredients getting soggy. Each Pin Drop is wired to accept the refrigerator option and powers it with both 12VDC and 120VAC options. This allows you to pre-cool your chest refrigerator and its ingredients while at home packing from your shore power (120VAC). It also allows you to give your battery a break when you have access to power at a campsite or park. That said, you DON'T need shore power. The Dometic chest fridge runs off your solar-powered battery, and draws less than an amp an hour.

To remain fully self contained and to run the Dometic chest refrigerator strictly off solar power will require upgrading the Pin Drop to a larger capacity battery. This could include a 200 amp hour battery in a gel or a lighter weight lithium iron model. A larger battery allows for longer, more remote and off the grid adventures. The lithium iron option is a consideration if your towing capacity is maxed at or near 2,500 pounds. While fully equipped to charge and maintain the power needed, the refrigerator option does draw more heavily on your battery, particularly if the ambient temperature exceeds 90 degrees. As a result, the battery charge should be monitored closely especially in more shady campsites.

The Best of Both Worlds

While it may seem like you need to make a choice between these two cold storage options, the reality is, it is possible to pack both. The fridge can be used for foodstuff, fresh produce, cheese and dairy items that are needed within easy reach. The Canyon Cooler can be easily stored in the back of the tow vehicle for beverages or overstock food items. Depending on how long and where you are camping, there’s a Canyon Cooler to suit any need. For week-long extended trips to the great unknown, the 103 qt Prospector holds mega ice to keep many multiple six-packs cold while still leaving plenty of room for larger items or overstock. For a weekend jaunt, the trusty 35 qt. Outfitter works well, or if only out for a picnic, a soft-shell Nomad cooler with a bag of ice will suit your needs. As authorized dealers for Canyon Coolers, we can set you up!

The Nomad soft cooler and the 35 qt. Canyon Cooler Hard Shell

Your Next Great Adventure

Cold Storage is a top priority when out camping for any period of time. It's important to have options and to know what will best suit your needs when planning and scheming your next great adventure in the outdoors. Pin Drop Travel Trailers provide options and versatility to accommodate the exceptional experience you seek, whether headed toward your favorite campground or boon docking in the wilderness.

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