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This Teardrop Trailer ROCKS, Thanks to Rockford Fosgate - Intentional Surround Sound System

A smart philosopher once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” We couldn’t agree more, which is why we designed Pin Drops with an integrated sound system to enhance life’s greatest moments and greatest music. Unlike other campers on the market, Pin Drop Travel Trailers include a superior sound system. Much thought and product testing has gone into each of the selected components that make this fully solar powered surround system and intentional set up the very best quality. It is one more premium feature of a Pin Drop for all off-grid or off-road explorers or those camped in a favorite campground.

A Pin Drop Travel Trailer parked in the factory at night, with the kitchen and interior lights on and the galley kitchen open.
A Completed Pin Drop Travel Trailer in the Factory Located in Historic Miami, Arizona

Purpose Built Audio Headquartered in Arizona

Enter Rockford Fosgate. Luckily, we didn’t have to look too far from home for

The Rockford Fosgate Logo, Purpose Built Audio
Rockford Fosgate. (

the high quality, powerful sound we desired for our premium Pin Drop Travel Trailers. In line with our core values to source locally whenever possible, Rockford Fosgate is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, just down the road from Pin Drop. They have long been respected by audiophiles for their superior sound and crash-proof dependability, and we rely on their components to compliment the craftsmanship of our premium travel trailer adventure brand.

The interior cabin of a Pin Drop with cozy bed covered with a blanket, handcrafted cabinetry, and Rockford Fosgate speakers.
Interior Pin Drop Cabin With Surround Sound Rockford Fosgate Speakers

Speakers and Tweeters

Good music is a great companion on any camping excursion. It all starts with the stereo receiver, tucked away in the interior cabin. We include a high quality bluetooth receiver that powers two sets of Rockford Fosgate component speakers, one pair in the cabin, and one pair in the kitchen. In the cabin, the speakers are installed to create a surround sound environment. The 6 1/2” speakers are installed in a panel below the cabinet, out of sight but projecting the sound outward. Above the headboard we install tweeters that bring out the highs and add crisp dimension to the music. The curvature of the cabin and the super insulated walls and ceiling enhance and deepen the sound. Listening to your favorite album feels like the first time.

Speaker Placement and Intentional Design

Cooking outdoors is a treat. Cooking outdoors with music to inspire your meal prep is a dream come true. The unique U-shaped galley kitchen design of Pin Drop is greatly enhanced by the speaker placement. The sound projects out from the rear galley panels from 6 1/2” speakers, and tweeters point down from above, installed discreetly in the hatch lid. This creates a bowl of sound as you prepare meals and makes washing the dishes a sonic treat.

The Pin Drop Control Panel With Light Switches, Charge Controller, and Inverter Remote Control

By connecting to Bluetooth, it’s easy to scroll through music and control volume from your phone while anywhere in camp. Regulate the sound inside the cabin and outside in the kitchen from the controls on the receiver. All of this high quality sound comes standard with each Pin Drop.

Because we separate the interior cabin from the exterior shell (which creates the thermal barrier that achieves our super-insulated R-15 cabin) all wiring is run through chases and never exposed in the cabin, creating a seamless and uncluttered design that pairs beautifully with the crisp and clean sound from the speakers.

Additional Upgrades Available

For the audiophiles out there we also offer some upgrades. If you are particular about your sound, and want to experience your music on a deeper level, you may consider our next level of components. To start, we install a powerful Rockford Fosgate amplifier to boost power to your speakers which helps them perform at their peak. We upgrade the speaker series from Rockford Fosgate’s Prime to Punch series and we sneak a subwoofer into your Pin Drop to deepen the sound with a little (or lot of) bass. Once tuned, this system is a game changer, your playlist has never sounded so good.

The Pin Drop Galley Kitchen With Exterior and Overhead Rockford Fosgate Speakers and Tweeters

Off Grid Pop Up Movie Nights

For those who like to cozy up to a movie before bed, bringing along your tablet

A Pop Up Movie Night Powered by Pin Drop Solar Systems

can allow you to watch your favorite flick with the benefit of full, surround sound in the cabin. The tablet is easily stowed and propped up in the center cabinet drawer. And charging your tablet or phone is easy with the charging docks conveniently located in the cabin. For next level entertainment, whether it be summertime backyard barbecues, block parties or giving the coyotes something to watch by the edge of the firelight, consider hanging a sheet and watching your favorite movie from a projector. Plug the projector into any of the three 120 VAC receptacles easily accessed throughout your Pin Drop. You can tie the audio signal directly into the stereo receiver and create your own theater wherever you please.

Powering Your Surround Sound

How is all this powered? Also included as a standard feature, Pin Drops are designed to harness the power of the sun to run all components. Our permanently fixed solar panel charges the battery bank tucked safely in the tongue box. This directly powers all 12 VDC systems throughout the Pin Drop including the radio, fan, lights and fridge. For 120 VAC, we use an inverter to convert battery voltage to household current, so you are never left without power. Multiple charging ports and receptacles are conveniently located inside and out, and solar expandability is pre-wired into every Pin Drop, so that two

more ports can be accessed for additional solar panel arrays. All told, each Pin Drop can pump up to 480 watts of the sun's energy into the battery bank, meaning you are fully solar powered and self-contained. Pin Droppers can stay out longer than the rest, never needing to worry about hauling a generator with fuel, or finding a campground with hookups. Recharge Your Wonder with a Pin Drop Travel Trailer. Come visit us in historic Miami, AZ and see (or hear) for yourself what makes our teardrops stand out.

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Other differentiating features of the solar powered and self contained Pin Drop Travel Trailer are outlined here.


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