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Camping Solo - Women Choose a Pin Drop for Ease of Use, Safety, Comfort, and Functionality

While it may seem intimidating to camp solo, PinDrop™ makes it easy for anyone at any experience level to explore favorite locations, including established campgrounds or off grid and remote locations by yourself, with kids, with furry pets, or alongside a group of other women campers.

A woman standing in the Pin Drop Galley Kitchen preparing a meal. She is standing under the hatch and the two burner propane stove is in use with a cast iron frying pan and pot.
A Solo Camper, Taking Advantage of a Pin Drop and the Functional Galley Kitchen

Solo Camping

Solo camping adventures are not for the faint of heart. A solo experience can be life changing and a powerful statement of independence. For women who crave the thrill of the great outdoors, or who wish to take their kids out independently, the Pin Drop Travel Trailer stands out as the perfect companion. With its innovative design, Pin Drop offers a blend of ease, safety, comfort, and functionality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a low impact, solo camping, or camping-with-kids experience in the outdoors.

A young girl sitting inside on a bed of the Pin Drop cabin looking out of the open door to a view of the mountains.
Breathtaking Views from Inside the Pin Drop Cabin.

Safety First: A Cozy Nest in the Wild

One of the standout features of the Pin Drop is its super-insulated (R15) cabin and the welded steel frame. The exterior is an anodized aluminum skin, with a warm, baltic birch interior. Security and peace of mind are paramount especially when out on a solo camping experience, and this teardrop-style trailer ensures a snug, secure haven even in the midst of unpredictable weather, curious wildlife, and all of nature's challenges. No matter the weather outside, you can trust the Pin Drop to keep you warm, dry, and secure, while also providing important electrical features like overhead, under mount, and security lighting, surround sound, charging stations, and a two directional three-speed fan. These comforts allow you to focus on your personal adventures like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, bird watching, and other adventure activities for a successful solo expedition.

With the hatch open, a meal is being prepared in the Pin Drop Galley Kitchen. There is a pot and pan on the two burner pull out stove and the counter is covered in paper plates and other food.
Preparing a meal in the Pin Drop Galley Kitchen.

Galley Kitchen - A Culinary Haven

The Pin Drop's unique galley kitchen is a game-changer for solo women campers. Compact yet efficient, it allows you to whip up delicious meals effortlessly. The thoughtful design, which includes a two burner propane stove, deep basin sink, hand pump faucet, and dry storage, ensures you have all the amenities you need, making energizing and fulfilling meals a breeze. With the simple lift of the rear hatch, anyone can enjoy the convenience of preparing your favorite meals while surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. The surround sound system by Rockford Fosgate keeps the tunes rolling from dinner, through sunset, campfire, and star gazing.

A partial view of a PinDrop Travel Trailers parked under pin trees
A Pin Drop Parked in a National Park Campground, Sunset National Crater, Outside of Flagstaff, Arizona

Water, Water Everywhere: 12 Gallons of Fresh Storage

Hydration is crucial, and Pin Drop doesn't compromise on water storage, boasting an impressive 12 gallons of fresh water capacity standard with any model and with an additional 32 gallons available with the 10 gallon solar shower tank, Reliance brand storage jugs, and other features. Say goodbye to concerns about running out of water in the middle of nowhere. With this self-contained trailer, you can confidently plan your solo camping trips, knowing you have ample water supply at your fingertips for drinking, hydrating, washing, rinsing gear, and even the ability to take a hot shower.

A young girl sitting on the ground writing in her journal with a Pin Drop Travel Trailer parked behind her.
Journaling Next to a PinDrop ™.

Off the Grid and Powered by the Sun

Whether you prefer established campgrounds or the allure of remote off-road locations, the Pin Drop's solar-powered and self-contained design opens up a world of possibilities. Revel in the freedom to camp wherever your heart desires, without sacrificing modern conveniences. With solar power, you can charge your devices, power lights, and enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy on any solo journey. Pin Drops include a Renogy brand solar power and charging system that is effortless and maintenance free, providing ongoing power supply for all the common features needed for a comfortable camp.

Hitching Made Easy: Lightweight and Maneuverable

Pin Drop's are lightweight in design, making hitching and unhitching easy. No need to struggle with complex setups or complex, heavy trailers. The Pin Drop effortlessly connects to your tow vehicle, allowing you to hit the road with confidence. The ease of towing ensures that your solo camping adventures begin with a stress-free journey.

A big hot campfire and two young girls roasting marshmallows. Their mother is sitting next to the. Th fire pit includes a stack of dutch ovens and cactus in the background.
All Girls Weekend Made Easy With a PinDrop™.

Low Impact and Sustainable

Camping in a Pin Drop is a great way to say THANK YOU to the environment. Its lightweight, low-profile design is easy on your tow vehicle, consuming less fuel, its integrated solar-powered design regenerates itself and requires no fuel-consuming generator to power any of your electrical conveniences and eliminating the need to carry or store additional fuel. The super insulated cabin means you don't need to run a heater or air conditioner to stay comfortable. The best part is even though Pin Drops are eco-friendly, this does not mean you will suffer from lack of conveniences. In fact, the intuitive design and low-maintenance design will amaze you. Camping in comfort has never been easier.

Embrace Solo Camping or an ALL Girl's Camping Experience

The Pin Drop Travel Trailer is a perfect option for anyone. A Pin Drop can also empower women to embrace solo camping or all female camping experiences with confidence. As you venture into the wild, relish in the safety of a super-insulated and secure cabin, the convenience of a galley kitchen, the reassurance of adequate fresh water storage, and the freedom of solar-powered self-sufficiency. Say goodbye to hesitations and hello to a world of solo camping possibilities with the Pin Drop.


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