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Green Living Magazine Highlights Pin Drop Travel Trailers as Sustainable Travel Option

In the recent Green Living Magazine article, Take the Family Off Grid by Carol Kahn, Pin Drop Travel Trailers is featured as a sustainable travel option. While certainly remote destinations trended heavily over the pandemic, the draw and adventure of camping off the grid remains a fascination and attraction of many travelers, especially if you can do it with a small footprint, and without a generator.

Pin Drop Travel Trailers make it possible to go further, stay out longer, and charge (and recharge) all amenities and electrical systems solely by the sun. Leave your generator and your extra fuel cans at home. Arrive at your destination with all you need for a comfortable and safe camping experience.

Pin Drop Travel Trailers, fully solar powered and self contained, boast a variety of features that keep you cozy in most climates while having access to gear, a fully functional kitchen, comfortable queen sized bed, up to 42 gallons of fresh water storage, shade, and expandability options with room for a roof top tent, and even two 8X8 enclosed rooms attached to the awnings.

Camping with kids, pets, or just yourself has never been easier or lighter weight.

"Pin Drop Travel Trailers have been designed to immerse campers in an outdoor experience, not isolate them from one. 'It's True, we've packed our Pin Drops full of conveniences, but at the core of our campers is the philosophy that one should be able to enjoy the outdoors while not negatively impacting it. Our trailers are solar-powered, so campers are not bothered by the hum of a generator. Our travel trailers are nimble, so you can go a little further than the crowds but not tear up the countryside getting there.'"

- Take the Family Off Grid, Green Living Magazine, August 2022.

Discover more about Pin Drop, the founders, their family, and what it means to be entrepreneurs in Arizona. Read the FULL ARTICLE and view photos of this off road, adventure camper option with features unlike others on the market.

Special thanks to Dorie Morales, Publisher of Green Living Magazine, Carol Kahn, Managing Editor Green Living Magazine, and Larry Pittman, Photographer and Videographer, Vortex Creative Media.

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