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How We Source: A Visit With Local Artist and Founder of Choice Creative Culture, Lukas Bernard.

How We Source

Pin Drop Travel Trailers launched a bold new graphics package this summer celebrating Arizona's diverse landscape and unique elevational change only found in the great state 48. It was a pleasure to commission area artist, graphic designer, change maker, and founder of Choice Creative Culture, Lukas Bernard to produce a new look which supports the Pin Drop brand and the Pin Drop vision to Recharge Your Wonder.

The new design (highlighted here) depicts the changing topography and demonstrates the variety of rural and remote destinations in Arizona that anyone can explore in a Pin Drop: a solar powered, self contained, super insulated, teardrop-style camper trailer, designed and built with intention in historic Miami, Arizona.

In line with Pin Drop's company core values to source locally whenever possible, Luke was an easy choice to help the Pin Drop team develop a unique and telling graphics package, one that helps tell a story while also demonstrating the adventure and off road possibilities of a Pin Drop. Learn more about Luke and his process and passion for art and the new Pin Drop graphic design. We couldn't be more proud of the results and the integrity of yet another premium Pin Drop design feature unlike other travel trailers on the market.

Luke Bernard with a hat and thick rimmed glasses on standing in a gallery with several of his pieces hanging on a wall behind him.
Local artist, Lukas Bernard, showcasing his fine art work in a gallery.

How long have you been in the Verde Valley and what is your experience in the industry?

I have lived in the Verde Valley for nearly 14 years, having relocated from Asheville North Carolina. I was always an artist but never turned it into a public service until landing in Arizona. At this point, I have been a professional artist for over a decade and have zero plans of ever stopping.

What brings you the greatest joy in being a business owner?

Running my own business is both fulfilling and empowering. Owning an arts business has brought joy to me in so many forms, from supporting other businesses, local networking, and enhancing our community. The feeling that arises from providing my creative and visual services is so incredibly rich and fulfilling, as artwork of all forms seems to resonate on a deep level with most. I am wired as a giver, often leaving me as the most satisfied from providing my unique services. I feel lucky to have a creative mind with artistic skills, and the smiles that it creates seem to be contagious. This symbiotic feeling may be my favorite part of it all.

Local artist Luke Bernard working on a piece of art work on a wall.
Lukas Bernard demonstrating that art comes in many forms.

What has been your greatest challenge as an independent business?

Time management combined with my ambition seems to be my greatest challenge. My business is sewn into my heart, which leads to endless efforts and constant processes. I find myself wishing there were more hours in the day to achieve my many goals.

Local Artist Luke eBernard perched on the edge of the Grand Canyon working on a piece of art work.
Arizona Artist, Lukas Bernard, finding inspiration at the rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

What do you love about Arizona?

The land and the sky. As acclimated and embracing as I've become of Arizona, (having been raised in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia) I feel like I live on a different planet that's an infinite outdoor-playground. As an outdoorsman, I can't get enough of the stunning landscape and complimenting sky. My artwork may reflect this juust a bit ;)

What makes your product or service unique?

My artwork and eye for design is one of kind. A combination of my upbringing, my education, and my culturing has all led me to a very unique skillset. One of my favorite things to find in art, whether it be music, food or paintings, is work that hasn't been done before. While finding inspirations from so many artists, creating something 'different' is definitely part of my goal. There are so many artists on our planet sharing their work in so many ways, that being unique is actually a feat and something that I truly strive for.

What motivates or drives you in your work/process?

I am an artist throughout. My motivation stems naturally from a place of passion. My artwork and drive to create work is natural and seems to be a default setting in this crazy brain of mine.

Who is your favorite Arizona based business and why?

Any and all businesses that focus on sustainability. Through turbulent times and an ever-changing environment, I support systems that create a rising tide for all. The Sustainability Alliance is an amazing business that comes to mind.

A man standing between tire prints made in beach sand and staring out at the ocean. The photo is in gray scale. The sky is cloudy.
Inspired by nature.

Any other facts or interesting things about your or your business that you would like to share?

My business is basically a combination of fine art and graphic design. What many don't realize is that my graphic design work is built from scratch utilizing my fine art skills as the base foundation. Unlike a lot of graphic design, my work starts with drawings and paintings that become the base-work for what then turns digital. I often draw/paint individual components as needed for my design work. This approach does create a different feel to my work that is often noticeable but hard to pinpoint.

How was your experience with Pin Drop and what was the process?

I partner with a handful of local businesses. It has been an absolute pleasure and standout experience working with Pindrop. Amazing people and an amazing product. I truly feel honored to collaborate with PinDrop Travel Trailers. The featured design work started with a brainstorming session, was built around a custom painting, and was completed with final touches of customization and preference from PinDrop. This design is one that will forever stand out to me.


Help Us Celebrate Pin Drop Travel Trailers

The five year anniversary flyer and invitation for Pin Drop Travel Trailers. The Flyer includes a night photo of a pin drop with three people sitting out at a camp table playing cards. The open house event is scheduled for October 14th, 2023 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Pin Drop Factory, 168 North Miami Avenue in Miami, Arizona.
Celebrate With Pin Drop!

We invite you to join the Pin Drop Team in celebration on Saturday, October 14th at the Pin Drop Factory in historic Miami, Arizona to network, share stories, tour the factory, learn about opportunities in rural Arizona, and hear what is coming up in the next 5 years for Pin Drop.

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