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A Bold New Graphics Package - in partnership with Arizona artist and creative

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Pin Drop Travel Trailers launches a bold new graphics package celebrating Arizona's diverse landscape and unique elevational change only found in the great state 48. From the Sonoran Desert to high volcanic mountains, the new graphics package depicts a changing topography and demonstrates the variety of rural and remote destinations in Arizona that anyone can explore in a Pin Drop, a solar powered, self contained, super insulated, teardrop-style camper trailer, built with intention in historic Miami, Arizona.

A side view of a Pin Drop Travel Trailer, showing the new graphics package in gray scale, with saguaro cactus and a mountain scene.
The new Pin Drop Graphics Package, from Sonoran Desert to high volcanic mountains

In line with the company core values to source locally whenever possible, Pin Drop has known local artist Luke Bernard, owner of Choice Creative Culture,

for several years in his work organizing and promoting area community events and his branding and design work with local business owners. This includes a handful of Arizona vintners, winemakers, tasting rooms, and the Verde Valley Wine Consortium, among many others.

About the Artist

Luke has been in Arizona for over 12 years and has been in the creative space for longer. In addition to his day job as a brand and design creative, he recently opened a store front in Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona, to showcase his work and branded merchandise. Much of this art is drawn or painted using less-traditional methods or materials. Luke often uses ink, enamel, and wood stain to paint with, applied to many forms of mixed media canvases such as maps and dictionary pages.

Knowing his stellar work, and dedication to other Arizona businesses, and this non traditional approach, it was an easy choice to request his support with the new nature-focused graphics that helps tell the story of the adventure brand, Pin Drop Travel Trailers.

Pin Drop Expansion

"We have experienced significant changes in the last 6 months, with lots of growth and new ideas for future expansion," Tim Elinski, Founder and Owner of Pin Drop said. "As we approach the 5-year anniversary of Pin Drop Travel Trailers, it seemed appropriate to redesign the graphics to help tell the story of Pin Drop and to help share our love for and the beauty of our home state."

As an adventure brand, Pin Drop works to showcase the breadth of destinations possible for anyone in a Pin Drop.

As the new design indicates, adventure seekers can move from low desert to high mountain. Regardless of the landscape, the features of a Pin Drop allow you to sleep comfortably and have all the supplies, gear, storage, and power (fully solar powered with never a need to plug in) needed for extended stays in the great outdoors, whether off grid and remote, or stationed in your favorite campground.

Although designed and built in the desert, Pin Drops are found on both coasts, and from the top of the nation to the bottom. Our micro campers provide customers with untethered access to adventure via our solar-powered design, and keep our customers comfortable in most climates with our super-insulated cabins.

What Does Super Insulated Mean?

One of many "best features" of a Pin Drop is the unique way in which each unit is insulated, providing comfort and quiet in the cabin. Through an innovative process, Pin Drop cabins are surrounded by a solid 2" of closed cell foam with no thermal bridging. The result is similar to the insulation properties of the Canyon Cooler ice chest, a cold storage option in the galley kitchen, a tight envelope that keeps you comfortable in most climates and creates a quiet cabin ensuring restful sleep.

Cactus Alley - A Destination Dwelling in Historic Miami, Arizona

Interested in visiting Miami, Arizona or enjoying a tour of the Pin Drop factory, housed in a 115-year-old historic building? Pin Drop Travel Trailers recently expanded, renovating a historic home to house guests, vendors, and Pin Drop customers when they arrive to pick up their new travel trailer.

The front of Cactus Alley, a newly renovated historic home.
The Cactus Alley - A renovated historic home in Miami, Arizona

Located in historic Miami, Arizona, Cactus Alley is a tastefully renovated 110 year old home with unique history. Only one block off Sullivan Street, enjoy access to antique shopping, the Bullion Plaza Cultural Center, and authentic Mexican food. A short drive to downtown Globe, Superior, Roosevelt Lake, Besh Ba Gowah Park, and Boyce Thompson Arboretum, make Cactus Alley your gateway to hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the Copper Corridor's history and the rugged beauty of the area.


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