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Try Out a PinDrop™- Now Partnering With Flagstaff Rental Company, Elevated Camping

Pindrop™ Travel Trailers is excited to announce that Elevated Camping Experience based in Flagstaff, Arizona has added a PinDrop Travel Trailer to their fleet of rent-able teardrop trailers. You can now rent a PinDrop Travel Trailer in Northern Arizona, directly from Jess and her team at Elevated Camping.

Camping Elevated Logo a dark blue circle with a horizontal white line with a setting sun behind three mountains and a turquoise teardrop style trailer on the top portion, Elevated Camping Experience in letters is on the bottom

Pick Up a PinDrop in Northern Arizona

Having a reputable rental option is essential for customers to truly experience PinDrop™, and northern Arizona is home to some of Arizona's most pristine camping destinations. This makes a partnership with Elevated Camping ideal. Campers can conveniently pick up a unit from Camping Elevated headquarters and head out to explore new territory while testing PinDrop features, gear storage options, the solar array and solar powered electrical systems, and even cook in the galley kitchen. This allows anyone interested in a solar powered, self-contained micro camper experience the opportunity to try a PinDrop before making a purchase directly from the PinDrop Team.

A young girl sits by a campfire in a remote, offgrid campsite. A pile of wood with an axe is in the foreground and an open PinDrop Travel Trailer is in the back ground.
Off Road in the Pine Trees With a Solar Powered, Self Contained PinDrop™

"We are so thrilled to finally add a PinDrop teardrop to our rental fleet! Their high-quality design fits perfectly with our company values to provide maximum comfort to our customers, while ensuring a low-impact to our environment. We love their 100% solar powered, self-contained design and know our customers will too. If you are near the Flagstaff area, please give us a call so you can come and see this incredible teardrop for yourself!" 

Jessica van Zijll

Owner, Elevated Camping Experience LLC



In line with PinDrop™ company core values, working with another local Arizona based company only makes sense. PinDrop prioritizes sourcing locally whenever possible. Anything from identifying local manufacturing supplies, artistic and branding talent, marketing services, outfitting gear, and local trailer rental companies, PinDrop continues to invest in Arizona companies who also hire local talent and invest in their communities and local non profits just like PinDrop.

"This is truly a win-win for us," said Tim Elinski, PinDrop, Founder. "We are grateful for the opportunity to have another PinDrop available for customers to sample and experience our design and the very best features before committing to a purchase. We look forward to working alongside Jess in creating exceptional outdoor and adventure experiences for both new and seasoned campers."

About Elevated Camping Experience

Elevated Camping Experience offers a one-stop-shop for all your camping accommodation needs. Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, you can easily Rent a PinDrop Travel Trailer and additional camping gear to make your next adventure fully loaded and hassle free.

Try Out a PinDrop™ - Other PinDrop Rental Locations

Try out a Pin Drop. An additional rental option is Arizona TearDrop Adventures with a pickup location in Phoenix, Arizona.

All details for PinDrop RENTAL can be found here.


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