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Attention Novice Campers - An Untethered Adventure Awaits

We were recently approached by two regional travel writers who were interested in experiencing a Pin Drop. In line with our company core values supporting other independent businesses and entrepreneurs while also encouraging rural experiences in Arizona and beyond, it was a pleasure to host the two. Prior to their departure, we had some time to hear more about their writing styles, their interests, and to indulge in explaining the many amenities we ourselves enjoy about a Pin Drop. We strive to include critical features in each camper trailer that make remote adventures a bit easier.


Rachel Pasche and Michelle Roberts-Garcia of New World Nomads arrived in Cottonwood, Arizona and hitched up a Pin Drop to Rachel's Subaru Forester. Having checked the weight and tow capacity in her vehicle manual, Rachel had easily adapted the Forester with a 2" ball and 7 blade RV connector before their arrival. After a quick (socially distanced) run through of the features, a review of the safety checklist, a double check of the electric compatibility, we shared some final well wishes through masked faces and enviously retreated as they departed in a classic tear drop style camper trailer to adventures unknown.


Rachel and Michelle write about their trip and adventures in Coconino National Forest and the Wet Beaver Creek area in this story, Dispersed Camping in the Wilderness was Easier Than Anticipated. It seems clear that their time in the Pin Drop was enjoyable, and that what we have thought all along is true: even novice campers can enjoy a remote, untethered adventure in a remote destination. Don't feel intimidated or ill-equipped. Pin Drop Travel Trailers make even the most remote destinations accessible, convenient and comfortable.


It is exciting for us to share the experience of comfort and convenience with others, which is why Pin Drop Travel Trailers now has a rental program. We have built a Road Runner model specifically for avid and novice campers alike to experience the outdoors in a fully self-contained travel trailer. By renting a tear drop style camper, you don't have to commit to a purchase. It's a great way to sample the product, test out all the amenities, and explore some new territory, maybe to a remote destination that you otherwise thought impossible. Find out more about our rental program, the terms and conditions, and how to make a reservation.


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