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Camping Gear Storage - Counter and Cabinet Space in a Micro Camper

When camping in remote destinations and off-the-grid, appropriate gear is critical. Packing light and efficiently can be challenging especially in a compact, nimble, camper trailer. Pin Drop Travel Trailers have been designed and custom built to make packing easy, providing cabinet and storage space unlike other micro campers on the market.

The open hatch of the Pin Drop Galley kitchen at a campsite overlooking the red rocks of Sedona Arizona at sunset.
The Pin Drop Galley Kitchen, overlooking Sedona, Arizona

Functional Storage:

Constructed locally, in Miami, Arizona by a seasoned carpenter and licensed general contractor, Pin Drop Travel Trailers include functional cabinetry, increased storage capacity, and extensive counter top space that ensures ease of use and access to the required essentials that make your off-road experience complete.

Complete with a Canyon Cooler, the Pin Drop Cabinets are roomy and functional

Premier Construction:

The Pin Drop galley kitchen is unique, consciously constructed using baltic birch, solid maple, aluminum splash guards, and laminated countertops. The space is accessed by a gas strut operated and lockable rear hatch, and includes two pull out storage drawers with lockable raised counters. Solar powered electrical systems power overhead and undermount lighting, bluetooth compatible stereo with interior and exterior speakers, power outlets and charging stations. (discover more about the Pin Drop solar powered complete electrical systems here.)

Many of the functions you'll find in Pin Drops serve double duty. Each enclosed drawer flap which keep cups and food ware contained in transit, can also be locked in the up position and serve as a fixed countertop on each side, or as a wind guard for the stove. What serves as an electrical chase above the kitchen counter, that would otherwise be dead space, accommodates a sliding bypass door cabinet for canned goods, spices, paper towels or other kitchen items. Each cabinet door inside the galley kitchen and cabin nests a small storage rack to keep items from shifting in the cabinets, while also functioning to hold smaller items.

In essence, every square inch within the Pin Drop has a purpose. Remarkably roomy, spacious and comfortable, Pin Drop Travel Trailers extend your stay in nature a little longer, whether boon docking remotely or positioned in your favorite campground.

Pin Drop Galley Kitchen in construction at the Pin Drop Factory in Miami, Arizona

Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Space Specifications:

Storage and functional space in any kitchen is essential. Overall, the Pin Drop galley kitchen counter tops include 2,295 square inches of useable space (or nearly 16 sq. ft.) and the kitchen drawer and cabinet storage capacity totals 7,193 cubic inches (or just over 4 cu. ft.). Not only do these features differentiate Pin Drop Travel Trailers from other micro campers, the functional space demonstrates that small footprint, eco-campers can still deliver on the needs of those seeking long adventures in the wild.

Galley Kitchen and Cabin Storage Cabinets, made in baltic birch

Interior Cabin Storage Specifications:

The interior cabin includes a full queen size mattress, two directional fan with three speeds, a warm baltic birch interior with solid maple cabinetry, and solar powered, artistic welcome and reading lights. The storage cabinets inside the cabin include 10,322 cubic inches of useable storage space (or 6 cu. ft.).

Tongue Box Storage:

The Tongue box houses the battery bank, inverter and related fuses for all electrical systems under a secure cover. The remaining storage space in the tongue box can be used for camping chairs, pet supplies, a shovel, axe, awning stakes and ropes and other support gear, bike repair supplies, fishing and hunting gear, your frisbee and even an extra solar suitcase. Whatever your pleasure out in the wild, this extra storage space includes additional capacity of 3,185 cubic inches (or nearly 2 cu. ft.).

Camping Gear Storage for Boondocking:

Storage in a micro camper is critical to both function and comfort while in the wild for long periods of time. We take very seriously the ability for all avid or novice campers to conveniently adventure longer and safer. This is why we have packed these fully self-contained, solar powered tear drop style camper trailers (Made in Arizona) with extensive storage capacity for all your camping gear, provisions, water, and more.

Find out more about all our travel trailer features and ways Pin Drops support any adventure.


Water Storage:

Curious about the Pin Drop water storage, with nearly 30 gallons of capacity? Read up on what Pin Drops offer for a safe and worry free off the grid adventure with our water storage features. We will soon be offering a Pin Drop Brand Solar Shower adding three more gallons of capacity to the water storage capacity.


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