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Pin Drop Founder Takes Top Honors at Moonshot Pitch Competition


Tim Elinski, Founder of Pin Drop Travel Trailers, Takes Top

Honors at Moonshot 2023 AZ Pioneer Pitch Tour

Tim Elinski, founder of Pin Drop and two other people holding a large check for $10,000, the grand prize standing in front of a Moonshot logo'ed sign.

MIAMI, Ariz., September 6, 2023 — Pin Drop Travel Trailers today announced that its founder, Tim Elinski, has clinched first place in the 2023 AZ Pioneer Pitch Tour organized by Moonshot. The prestigious state-wide competition, recognized for spotlighting top-notch innovation and entrepreneurship, awarded Elinski the honor following a riveting presentation of Pin Drop’s

unique travel trailers. The pitch emphasized the company's design sophistication, quality, and commitment to sustainable recreation.

Tim and Ruth Ellen Elinski pictured at a banquet and celebration pitch event with a glass  award for their pitch win.
Tim and Ruth Ellen Elinski, Founders of Pin Drop Travel Trailers with their award.

The AZ Pioneer Pitch Tour, which canvassed 10 cities across Arizona, initially discovered Elinski's potential during its Globe/Miami stop in March. Subsequently selected for the statewide competition in July, Elinski refined his pitch to secure the win, further establishing Pin Drop Travel Trailers as a leader in reimagining the travel and outdoor industry.

Fueled by a mission for environmental sustainability and user-centered design, Pin Drop’s solar-powered, self-contained travel trailers have garnered a passionate following among travel and outdoor aficionados nationwide.

Pin Drop Founder Tim Elinski

"Moonshot’s Pioneer Pitch Tour serves as a critical platform for rising entrepreneurs in rural and underserved Arizona areas," said Elinski. "Winning this award is not only a personal accomplishment but also a testament to our team's dedication to delivering the best travel trailers on the market. It reinforces our commitment to making a positive economic impact on our home base, the historic town of Miami, Arizona."

The Moonshot logo, the word Moonshot in black block font, with an icon of a circle and a rocket cutting through the circle.

About Moonshot's Pioneer Pitch Tour:

The Moonshot Pioneer Pitch Tour is a leading competition engineered to identify and promote entrepreneurs in rural and underserved regions of Arizona. The tour provides a forum for entrepreneurs to present their visions, gain priceless mentorship, and network with experienced investors. For more details, visit

The Pin Drop logo, in the blue and gold color scheme. Pin Drop Travel Trailers is spelled out in blue. The Pin Drop icon is a tear drop shape with a p and a d cut out. The center of the icon is a gold circle.

About Pin Drop Travel Trailers:

Founded by Tim Elinski, Pin Drop Travel Trailers is revolutionizing the outdoor travel landscape. The company's trailers blend 1930s teardrop design with modern amenities and exceptional craftsmanship. Pin Drop Travel Trailers offer a unique, eco-friendly travel experience. For more details, visit

For Media Inquiries:

To arrange an interview with Tim Elinski, please contact Ruth Ellen Elinski, Director of Communications, at or 928-821-0288.


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