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PinDrop Travel Trailers Selected as Business Partner of the Year from Local Non Profit, Friends of the Verde River

Pin Drop Travel Trailers was one of two local businesses recognized as the 2023 Business Partner of the Year by Friends of the Verde River at the Annual Fiesta de la Garza event on December 7th in celebration of the organizations collaborative work toward a healthy Verde River system.

Holding a large check signifying the nearly $7000 raised for Verde River Conservation, friends gather around the Pin Drop Travel Trailer raffled off in 2023 to support Friends of the Verde River, a local non profit.
Supporters gather to celebrate PinDrop ™, recognized as Business Partner of the Year

Earlier in 2023, PinDrop partnered with THAT Brewery organizing and facilitating a raffle for a PinDrop Road Runner model. The local business team donated the net profits totaling nearly $7,000 to Friends of the Verde River, a non profit which works to keep the Verde River flowing.

"The Verde River is one of Arizona’s few remaining flowing rivers. The river and its tributaries, such as Granite Creek, Sycamore Creek, Oak Creek, and Fossil Creek, provide lush corridors of life as they wind their way through beautiful, iconic, and arid landscapes. The Verde River system is an environmental and cultural treasure for local communities, the state of Arizona, and beyond.

Friends of the Verde River (Friends) envisions a healthy, flowing Verde River and tributaries that support our natural environment, vibrant communities, and quality of life for future generations.protect and in support of Friends of the Verde River conservation efforts toward a healthy river."

In line with PinDrop's company core values, the contributions supported Friends' river conservation efforts. More information about the raffle can be found here.


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