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Win a Vintage Model Pin Drop Travel Trailer - Winner Selected Oct. 2nd, 2021

Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center Foundation's Fundraiser

It's TRUE...As part of their annual fundraising event, the Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center Foundation (CVRMC) is raffling off a Pin Drop Travel Trailer Vintage Model, valued at $21,175.00. You can easily enter to win this fully self-contained, solar-powered, micro camper designed and built right in Miami, Arizona.


Raffle tickets are purchased directly from the organizing entity, CVRMC Foundation for $50.00 each. All proceeds from this CVRMC Foundation sponsored event will benefit the hospital directly to improve patient experience, elevate care with needed equipment and supplies, or support overall community wellness. "We have facilitated raffles for several years to raise funds for different programs and services at our medical center. This year, it was important to our Foundation board to support a locally owned company," said Matthew Storms, Chair of the Foundation. "In line with our health initiatives and our community values, the Pin Drop Vintage Model seemed like a great fit for our fundraising efforts."


The drawing for this raffle will take place at the Cobre Valley Health Fair on Saturday, October 2nd. You do not need to be present to win. The semi-annual Health Fair is the Medical Center's largest event and promotes and supports public health initiatives. The Fair's main focus is to educate our local community on being healthy and happy. This year's theme is recreational health and using the amazing natural resources around us to stay healthy and active. Presenters from each department will share advice and strategies on health and wellness. To that end, there will be interactive activities for kids from bounce houses to climbing walls and more. The event attracts over 50 local vendors who set up booths to share information and resources.



The CVRMC Foundation has set up an online portal to purchase tickets for anyone wanting to participate. After payment, you will receive your ticket(s) in the mail. Purchase your tickets online here.


You can also purchase tickets in person from the CVRMC Gift Shop, Monday through Friday from 10am-3pm. You can reach out to CVRMC Foundation Board Chair Matthew Storms at 602-300-1685 or Board Member, Fernando Shipley at 928-425-7656.


This is a raffle hosted and facilitated solely by the Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center Foundation. Anyone can purchase tickets. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold.

***Shipping or delivery is NOT PROVIDED. The Winner of the raffle will need to schedule and pay for delivery or pickup of their new Pin Drop Travel Trailer.




The Pin Drop Cabin offers comfort and security.

The Pin Drop Cabin includes:

✅ R13 insulation throughout

✅ Queen size bed

✅ 2-directional fan

✅ 2 doors with screened windows

✅ Solar-powered ☀️ overhead, under mount, and reading lights

✅ Bluetooth compatible stereo and speakers

✅ 12 volt USB charging station and accessory ports

✅ Household 110 volt receptacles

✅ Baltic birch interior walls

The Pin Drop Galley Kitchen offers ease and peace of mind.

The Pin Drop Galley Kitchen includes:

✅ 12-gallon fresh water storage

✅ Deep basin stainless steel sink

✅ 2-burner propane stove

✅ Surround sound speakers

✅ Overhead and under mount lights

✅ Charging stations and 120 volt receptacle

✅Dry storage

✅ Handcrafted maple cabinets

✅Breakfast with a view


Pin Drop Travel Trailers are powered with 175 watt roof mounted solar panel which charges a 100 amp hour battery bank that powers all electrical systems, inside and out. The battery bank can also be charged by a compatible tow vehicle while driving. 🚙

Pin Drop Electrical Systems include:

✅Recessed lighting

✅Two directional fan

✅Interior and Exterior Speakers

✅Bluetooth Compatibility

✅Charging Docks Throughout

✅110 Volt AC Ready

@renogysolar Brand Inverter and Solar Panel

✅Additional Ports for Solar Array Expanability

✅100-amp-hour Gel Battery Bank

.Find out more about the features included in the Vintage Model by visiting


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