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Deploying the ARB Shade Awning Solo - Live Demonstration

This Live Demonstration shows how to easily deploy the ARB brand shade awning. Pin Drop Travel Trailer Owners and Adventure Seekers, Tim and Ruth Ellen Elinski walk through the step by step process for unfurling and setting up the awning, which when completed in the right order, can be done by just one person, completely solo and independent. Check it out.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Disconnect the bungie hooks from the aluminum encased awning

  • Life up the housing and pull on tabs to pop the awning out of the case

  • Flip the awning up and place on top of the casing

  • Pull the horizontal extension poles out of the casing and slide the inner pole out

  • Unfurl and unroll the awning

  • Pull the vertical poles out of the aluminum housing case at the end of the awning and twist lock them in to place temporarily

  • While holding the end of the awning place horizontal pole peg into the awning casing hole, pull taught and twist lock the pole into place

  • Adjust vertical poles for proper height

  • Velcro the sides around the the horizontal poles on both sides

  • Complete installation by securing the awning with the guy ropes as seen in this demonstration video

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