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Securing the ARB Shade Awning Solo - Live Demonstration

This Live Demonstration shows how to easily secure the ARB brand shade awning. Pin Drop Travel Trailer Owner and Adventure Seeker, Ruth Ellen Elinski covers the step by step process for ensuring the awning stays in place. For all you solo campers out there, it is possible to set up and secure the awning all by yourself. Check it out.

Step By Step Instructions

  • Find and unfurl the guy rope that is supplied with the awning

  • Thread the tail end of the rope through the hole in the extruded aluminum channel frame

  • Tie the end in a Trucker's Knot, (similar to the loop you create when tying your shoe)

  • Tighten the loop

  • Using a sledge or rock, pound the stake into the ground at an angle about 6 feet away from the awning pole

  • Secure the loop end around the hook of the stake and tighten the rope using the guy rope tensioner

  • Check the step by step guide on how to deploy the ARB shade awning solo in this demonstration video

ARB Accessories

Pin Drop Travel Trailers are ARB Dealers. If you are interested in learning more about these add on features and additional adventure gear products that can be installed on your Pin Drop or other off road vehicle, reach out to a member of our team at 928-300-8148.


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