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Go Further - Micro Camper Galley Kitchen

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Often, the next step beyond tent camping is a teardrop style camper trailer. The reasons we hear most often that life long campers are looking to move away from a tent is the hassle of setting up camp, the discomfort of sleeping on the ground, and the inconvenience of unpacking/packing gear and all the kitchenware and supplies needed to cook.

Pin Drop Galley Kitchen

Enter: Pin Drop's Galley Kitchen. One of the many things that separates Pin Drops from other micro-campers on the market is our well-thought-out galley kitchen design. With most other teardrop style campers, you will still find yourself packing gear and unpacking gear, assembling and connecting the propane tank fittings, setting up an extra table to wash dishes from a water jug you stow somewhere in your tow vehicle, and lugging out an ice chest from the trunk. You have to do all this before you can even flip an egg! Not so with a Pin Drop. The functional galley kitchen has it all at your finger tips. Roll into your campsite, and unfold your chairs....


Under the Hatch

By lifting the hatch and pulling out the two drawers, Pin Drop owners are greeted with a camp chef's dream, and the perfect work triangle to prepare the best meals in the great outdoors with easy access to gear, water, propane, prep station, and cold storage. Tent Schment.

Camping doesn't have to be a chore. It should be easy, stress free, comfortable and fun. Builder and licensed general contractor, Tim Elinski has kept all of this in mind with the design and construction of the newest Pin Drop 3.0. Made with more gear and water storage, more counter space, better utility and complete function, he has packed all you need for your next camp. Whether in your favorite campground or in a remote, isolated destination, you can camp with ease and comfort and access to those conveniences we don't really want to leave at home. Luckily, in a Pin Drop, you don't have to.

The Pin Drop galley kitchen offers access to common conveniences unlike other micro campers on the market. Food preparation, safe and adequate storage, and water access are at the heart of this design, along with additional

luxury features like a deep basin sink and hand pump faucet, bluetooth compatible stereo with surround sound speakers, charging stations, and overhead and under mount lighting. The Pin Drop galley kitchen also includes expanded counter and storage space made possible with two built in pull-out drawers with lockable raised counters, a two burner Dometic propane stove, and cold storage with a Dometic chest refrigerator or Canyon Cooler option.

Just like at home, the Pin Drop galley kitchen is meant to be a comfortable space where you store, clean, and prepare food, create fulfilling meals, enjoy a happy hour (or two), clean hands, faces, and teeth, and make plans with friends and family listening to your favorite tunes or under a quiet starry night sky.

Lift the back hatch on this tear drop style micro camper and be surprised at what you'll find. Pin Drop Travel Trailers are fully self contained, solar powered, nimble micro campers that help you go further, for much longer.


Two Burner Propane Stove

The Pin Drop Galley Kitchen includes a Dometic brand two burner propane stove ignited with just the push of a button. The 1.2 or 2.4 gallon propane tank is located safely on the trailer's tongue.

Cold Storage

There are two cold storage options for the right side pull-out drawer.

You can select a 35 QT super-insulated Canyon Cooler (also a local, Arizona based company) or a Dometic chest refrigerator powered solely (like all Pin Drop electric amenities) by the sun! A 175 watt solar panel is included in each Pin Drop model powering all electrical amenities making it possible to NEVER need to plug in.